Right now we are at tipping point.  The Sex 2.0 lifestyle of modern day society is undergoing a cascading failure.

Don’t panic, this is a good thing.  Sex 2.0 needs to die.  It has served its purpose and it’s time for humanity to move onto something better.

The book details the history of human sexual relationships in the sex 1.0 era before property or marriage even existed, how we evolved to our modern day Sex 2.0 lifestyle and how and why we created the problems that make modern day sexual relationships so hard.

Far more importantly, it details a way forward to a Sex 3.0 world.  A world of mutual understanding between men and women and a return to nature.

Book Launch

The paperback in available from Amazon Createspace here here.

It’s all available from Amazon here (same price but slightly slower delivery as they need to order it from their Createspace division first).

The Kindle and iPad formats are in the eBookStore on this site.

You can also download totally free eBook readers for the PC or Mac via the eBookstore if you don’t have an eReader.