How many different animal species do you think exist in the world?  Rabbits, Giraffes, Turtles, Cats, Penguins, Dogs and so on….

According to what human science has been able to document, there are 8.7 million different animal species on the planet, of which we are one, and we all have a number of things in common.

First of all, we all share the primary drive – survive !

The Primary Drive

Breaking down the primary drive, survival, shows that it does not only mean the primary urge to avoid death and remain alive, it also means genetic survival.  The continuing existence of our DNA, of our own blood line.

Survival also means protecting and looking after our children and grandchildren and ensuring that they are best equipped to thrive and survive themselves.

The Two Primary Instincts

Therefore, the primary drive breaks down into the two primary instincts which are :



Now if you want to break this down even further then the two primary drives break down to the 4 basic needs.

The Four Basic Needs

These are the only needs so basic that, if we as a species, all stopped doing any one of the four then we would all die and the human race would become extinct.

They are :





We all stop eating?  We all die.

We all stop drinking?  We all die.

We all stop sleeping?  Body collapses.  We all die.

We all stop fucking?  Human race extinct within one generation.

Now I am not saying that these are the only things that we need. What I am saying that these are the only needs that are so basic that they are DNA encoded and, if we do not follow these needs, then entire human race is gone.

You might think you need your mobile phone but you don’t.  You ain’t going die without it.

Nor am I saying this is all we need at DNA level for survival and reproduction but these are the only ones we need to concern ourselves with.

We need to breathe air but it’s provided by the atmosphere.  We need sunlight – the planet is just a big ice cube without it – but we need not concern ourselves with procuring it.  It is provided.

However, we do need to seek out food and drink when we are hungry and thirsty.  We need to find our sexual partners and we need to make sure we have a safe, warm, dry and comfortable place to bed down in order to sleep properly and be secure.

If it seems like I am stating the obvious here then you are right. Not only are these the 4 basic needs obvious but we can also see that your pet cat or dog or rabbit has exactly the same 4 basic needs.

Worth noting as many human being think that, for reasons of ego, we are somehow above animals. That we are better than them and we are above nature. If that’s what you think, try an experiment. Don’t eat or drink anything again regardless of how hungry you are and see how far it gets you.

Not only will you be above nature and above animals but you will not have to deal with all of that nasty expulsion of body waste that is so animalistic.

Now the reason for stating this obvious list of the 4 basic needs is that it is interesting to go down the list and regard how human beings and animals view and judge the basic needs.

Eating – If someone was hungry and they ate food, would you judge them for it?

Drinking – If someone was thirsty and drank something, would you judge them for it?

Sleeping – If someone was tired and went for a nap, would you judge them for it?

Fucking – If someone was horny and had sex, would you judge them for it?

If your answer to the last question was different than the first 3 then you need to ask yourself why?

The survival of the human race depends on all 4. If we stop doing any one of the 4 then it means the extinction of the species so why judge sex?

Animals certainly would not judge any one of the 4 so why do we?

Good question.  It’s not because we are “better” than animals.  The answer lies in the evolution of human sexuality and we will come to that in the next few chapters but, before we do, let’s take a look at why sex even exists in the first place.

You might think you know but the answer may surprise you.  I will cover that in my next post.


  • Interesting way to look at it. Perhaps the judgment of sex comes from a) there being another person involved b) competition for mates.
    Context also plays a role in whether judgment is involved. For example, if you eat the whole pizza without leaving any for other people at the party, you may very well be judged. Or if you take a nap in the middle of work.

  • @Ecstasy well the same two things can be said for all species so, not it’s not that.

    • Hmm, that’s true. Maybe judgment is used as a tool for competing for mates, just like deer use antlers. It does seem somewhat effective in changing the perceived value of an individual.

      Not advocating judging people’s sexual choices, just attempting to explain why it exists in the first place.

  • Of course, these four needs are group needs.
    But what about individual needs? This matters more.

    • @Nestorius

      Actually I would argue that they are all individual needs and not group needs.

      The reason that human beings are social creatures by nature is that we discovered long ago that these 4 individual needs are best achieved by co-operating with other people.