Hey just a quick update as it has been a while since my last blog post.

Well, there is a reason for that.  I have been looking into and working on setting up a proper mailing list for the site and looking at all the different options and plugins and auto-responder services has been quite overwhelming and took some time.

Well, finally not only have I made my choice but I have everything up and working and, to celebrate, I have a free eBook for you.

Yes, in return for just your name and email you will receive a free copy of the eBook in PDF form.

The book is called “Sex 3.0 : The Primer” and it is a 15 chapter summary of the Sex 3.0 primer concepts or introductory concepts and covers things like :

  • How everyone has a “This Is How Sexual Relationships Work” map in their head
  • How and why that map gets screwed up in a Sex 2.0 world (which we all grow up in)
  • Why people think sexual relationships are difficult
  • Why sexual relationships are as easy as you make them
  • An introduction to what I call “Pure Form Theory”
  • How you can use pure form theory to define relationships in just two words and introduce clarity into your understanding of all relationships, not just sexual relationships
  • How to make all of your relationships pure form relationships
  • Why sex exists (the answer may surprise you)
  • Why there are only two kinds of sexual relationships
  • How sexual relationships used to operate for 95% of human history and why they don’t work like that any more
  • The root cause of our problems in modern day sexual relationships

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Not only does it pick up where the free eBook finishes off but it covers concepts and ideas which will allow you to effectively un-brainwash yourself from the feverish insanity of the Sex 2.0 world and take you into a Sex 3.0 world where you can leave it all behind.



  • inky

    So if we agree that buying a house with someone is a very hardcore form of relationship duress (since it’s probably the biggest financial commitment of your life and cannot easily be dissolved, since who has the money for half a house lying around to buy the other person out, and who can sell at a moment’s notice) –

    If from this we assume that in an unfenced relationship, the parties do not own joint property.

    Traditionally child rearing is done in one property by one couple. If under 3.0 we make some assumptions that: a) there is no joint property ownership
    b) that either or both parties or both parties at different times – can be the primary monetary support of the relationship;
    then since there is no more ‘nuclear family’ supporting the mobile work force. With all of these notions turning on their heads – unless you’re lucky enough to live in an israeli kibbutz; what is the suggested solution for raising children?


  • Inky, I started to write about this in Sex 3.0 but the amount of material that came out of it was too large and I realised that it belonged in a separate book.

    But in short, children need very little. They need love, a mother and father figure, and provisions (roof over their head, food, clothes and an education).

    It is possible in a fenced or an unfenced relationship for the parties to own property but this can raise legal issues (common-law wife) depending on what country you live in and what legal system you operate under.

    Traditional child rearing was never done on one property by one couple. As I say in the book, the 1.0 era represents the most traditional part of human existence in that, of the last 200,000 years the 1.0 model was in place for 95% of the time.

    In 1.0 kids were raised by the tribe.

    I think you are referring to what I call modern “modern conventional” child rearing rather than “traditional” child rearing.

    Like I say, I will explore this topic in another book. It won’t be my next book but I will aim to write a book on this topic in detail.