This week Sex 2.0 struck again and claimed two new victims – a Canadian girl called Rehteah Parsons and a three year old English child called Lia Green.

These two people lived thousands of miles apart, never met and yet were killed by the exact same thing, a nasty, virulent 10,000 year old mind virus that continues to plague humanity – Sex 2.0.

Lia’s Story


Lia was murdered by her own father after he became enraged with sexual jealousy upon discovering that his partner, Lia’s mum, was having an affair with a parent at a children’s nursery where she worked.

Lia was rushed to hospital in August last year after she was found unresponsive and not breathing. She died shortly after being admitted.

Medical staff discovered multiple bruises to her neck, chest, abdomen, both arms, both legs, buttocks and back caused by deliberate physical abuse. Many were less than 48 hours old but some where older which means that it seems likely like her mother actually hid her injuries until her condition became so serious that it could not be hidden any more.

Part of her bowel had been completely severed in a blunt force abdominal trauma usually only seen in car accident victims.

The day before her death records showed the home computer had searched the NHS Direct website with the term: ‘Three-year-old hurting head and being sick’. She is being charged with allowing the death of the child.

The only conclusion is that the very two people who were supposed to protect her, killed her.

Under Sex 2.0, we all grow up in a world where we are told that to have a long term sexual relationship, it must be based on the notion of sexual ownership. The problem is that the notion of sexual ownership actively promotes jealousy and possessiveness.

Enragement, sometimes violent enragement, is an extremely predictable consequence of a society in which sexual ownership is both normalised and mandated and all other forms of sexual relationships are stigmatised and demonised.

This is not human nature. It is a brutal subversion of human nature.

Rehteah’s Story


A 15 year old girl goes to a party and , as teenage boys and girls do at this age as part of the whole figuring-out-the-opposite-sex rite of passage, she drinks alcohol. She is then is gang raped by four male classmates.

The police either did not think that they had enough evidence or did not take the incident seriously enough and dismissed it as just some teenagers fooling around.

The boys take photos of the assault and share them by forwarding them to each other and other kids at her school on their phones, over email and social media – it quickly went viral in her community. The result? Sex 2.0 relationship duress. In other words the girl is then bullied relentlessly.

Following the rape she fell into a deep depression. People called her a slut, her friends turned against her, people harassed and bullied her and when word got out about the town “slut” she started getting messages from strangers pestering her for sex in text messages and on her facebook.

Rehteah’s mother, Leah Parsons, said of the endless abuse. “It just never stopped.”

This went on for the next 2 years until last week she finally had enough and hung herself.

This is a double tragedy, not only did the justice system fail her but society failed her and another young life is snuffed out by society’s fucked up Sex 2.0 values.

When you understand that the core design of 2.0 is comprised of three things – fear, control and deception it is sadly quite easy to see how these cases can happen, will happen and will continue to happen in the future.


Insecurity and rage in her own father is what killed 3 year old Lia.


Society’s fucked up 2.0 obsession with control of female sexuality means that women’s value in the sexual marketplace is largely determined by thier chastity. If you accept such a ridiculous concept then said value can be completely destroyed by “slut shaming”.


The ultimate deception is that this terribly, terribly cruel and fucked up framework for relating which I call Sex 2.0 functions at all.

RIP Lia and Rehteah

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