One for the people who are in (or will be in) London this week.

At the previous London Sex 3.0 meeting we had a first.

I made it back to London for the first time in 2.5 years and attended my first ever London Sex 3.0 meetup.

Well my time in London is almost at an end for now and, as a way of saying goodbye, we are going to something special and a little different.

This meetup will be a limited edition meetup with just me and a small number of people focused on a very specific topic.

How to have as many partners as you want without lying, cheating or deception.

How to be “unfenced” as person regardless as to whether your number of sexual partners is 0, 1 or many.

Key issues will be covered in detail including how to you can establish such a relationship, how and when you should have the initial conversation, how to introduce the topic, where you go to find people who will be open to the idea of unfenced relationships, how to avoid jealousy and possessiveness  and a lot more.

About Me
I am the author of the number one amazon best seller Sex 3.0 (reviews here):

I have almost 15 years experience of having multiple concurrent relationships with women from all over the world including several current relationships that have been going for more than 10 years.

The Venue
The College Arms, 18 Store St, London WC1E 7DH

Tickets for this meetup will be £20 and will be limited to the first 5 people to respond in order to be able to give one on one advice about their specific situation and to keep thing focused.

How to book a place
RSVP to this email and send 20 pounds to

Date / Time
Weds 28th @ 8:30 pm

How To Find Us
There is a downstairs section of this pub which is on your immediate right as you walk into the pub. We are down there.

I will leave a copy of his book Sex 3.0 on the table.

See you there!