I had an amazing chat with Jamie Smart author of the number one best seller –  Clarity – and you can listen to it for free in this episode of the Sex 3.0 podcast.

This guy is not only a true inspiration but a source of amazing insight is a life changing way.

We talked about tons of things including

  • What actually makes change possible
  • Where happiness, well-being and security actually come from and why almost everyone gets this wrong
  • What is the outside-in misunderstanding
  • The trap of “I’ll be happy when…”
  • The principal of thought
  • How our misunderstanding in the realm of relationships causes problems
  • What is getting in your way when it comes to feelings of connection with other people
  • Where jealousy really comes from
  • Superstitious thinking and where it comes from
  • How to see through misunderstandings
  • Why the feeling of security is natural to you
  • What is innate thinking
  • Understanding intellectually Vs. intuitive understanding
  • Organic transformation
  • Looking in the wrong place for solutions
  • Toxic goals and the role that they play in relationships
  • The power of thought and conditioning

You can listen to it here:

Or you can right click, save it and download it here.

I highly recommend Jamie’s book – Clarity. Get it in paperback format here, kindle here, MP3 / CD here or amazon audible  here.