JJ Roberts J J Roberts is a former rock journalist from England who followed the standard script of conventional dating or what he terms "fenced relationships" for the first half of his adult live before exploring sexual relationships not based on enforced monogamy or what he terms "unfenced relationships" for the second half. The result was his first book, Sex 3.0, a fascinating insight into the modern day culture of Sex 2.0 which is based on fear and deception and its replacement Sex 3.0 which represents the death of fear and a return to nature.
  • Sex 3.0 Explained In One Minute OK so as part of the re-launch of the new version of the Sex 3.0 website, one of the features that I have been asked to provide are short “explainer” videos where I explain the basics of Sex 3.0 and what it is about. I was thinking of hiring a professional video animator and providing […] No responses May 7, 2016