What is Sex 3.0 ?

To understand what Sex 3.0 is, you first need to understand what Sex 1.0 is and what Sex 2.0 is.

Broadly speaking Sex 1.0 covers human sexual relationships from the beginning of humanity up until roughly 8,000 BC.

Sex 2.0 covers human sexual relationships from roughly 8,000 BC up to the present day.

Sex 3.0 covers human sexual relationships from the present day forward.

Why would sex 3.0 start at the present day?

Because Sex 2.0 has reached it’s tipping point and is currently undergoing a cascading failure.

Might sound scary but, trust me, it’s not.  It’s actually a very good thing which will solve a lot of problems.

In what order will this website explain Sex 1.0, Sex 2.0 and Sex 3.0?

This website will explain all three, starting first with some ideas which are the prerequisite basics before explaining Sex 1.0, followed by Sex 2.0 and then Sex 3.0

Can’t you just skip the sex 1.0 and 2.0 stuff and explain what sex 3.0 is?

No.  If you don’t understand the Sex 1.0 world then you will have no context to understand our arrival in the Sex 2.0 world (modern society).

Nor will you understand the problems that this created and won’t understand how and why Sex 3.0 presents an improvement and an opportunity solve the problems we introduced with Sex 2.0 and how we can use it to get out of the pickle we find ourselves in when it comes to modern sexual relationships.

I like your ideas, anything I can do to help?

Yes, you can help me recruit the sex 3.0 army.  Subscribe on the homepage and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Digg using the links at the bottom of each page.

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