The free Sex 3.0 starter pack consists of :

  • A free eBook called Sex 3.0: The Primer (PDF format)
  • 5 free videos of about 8 to 10 minutes in length each

Video #1

In the first video I explain how when we grow up in a sex 2.0 society, which we all do, we are saddled with all kinds of unhealthy baggage – fears, judgements, insecurities.

I talk about the notion of how to have high functioning sexual relationships that dont crash and burn a high percentage of the time got lost in the sex 2.0 era and we HAVE to re-discover and reconnect with how to do that.

I also explain my personal journey of discovery and my path to Sex 3.0

Video #2

In the second video I explain the entire history of human sexuality using just two beer mats (drinks coasters) – fun!

I explain what Sex 1.0 means and how and exactly why we moved from the historic Sex 1.0 era to the modern Sex 2.0 era.

I introduce an absolutely key concept – the two planes of human sexuality. I also explain the invention of marriage and the two sides to what I call the Sex 2.0 deal.

Video #3

In the third video I talk about one of the major perils of following the Sex 2.0 deal – the twin headed monster;  jealousy and possessiveness.

I explain how many, many relationships follow a very predictable five step sequence as a result of jealousy and possessiveness on their way to failure.

I also introduce another core Sex 3.0 concept – fenced and unfenced relationships.

Video #4

In the fourth video I talk about the Sex 3.0 era. I talk about how fenced and unfenced relationships are synonymous with the two planes of human sexuality and I explain the differences between fenced/unfenced and monogamy/polygamy.

I also introduce the three clear differences between 2.0 and 3.0.

Another key concept is covered here too – the concept of what I call “relationship duress”.

Video #5

In the final video I explain  exactly why it is that Sex 2.0 is now obsolete and how we can leave behind all the pain, suffering and broken paradigms of the Sex 2.0 world and move onto something better … Sex 3.0

I reveal not one, but two huge dirty secrets that society does not want you to know.

I reveal that Sex 2.0 at its core is based on three things, fear, control and deception. Sex 3.0 is based on three things too, love, honesty and self-determination.

Sex 2.0 is a system of control and Sex 3.0 is your system of escape.

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