Sex 3.0 meetups take place all over the world, often co-ordinated via the website

These meetings are informal and take place in a relaxed environment like pubs, lounge bars, tapas bars and so on.

These meetings are not “book club” meetings where people meet to dissect chapters of the book Sex 3.0 (although copies are usually available to buy from the host), it’s really a community focused meetup.

It’s a chance to meet and mingle with like minded people over a drink and under the guidance of a host who is well versed in Sex 3.0 concepts and paradigms. The format is usually a talk given by the host over drinks / snacks followed by mixing and mingling.

Right now, Sex 3.0 meetups are happening in England, USA and Mexico:


New York, NY
Englewood, CO


Meetups are usually held once or twice per month (the frequency of meetups really depends on the host and the attendees) so don’t worry if there is no upcoming meetup listed.  Just join the meetup group on and you will automatically be emailed when a new announcement is made about an upcoming meetup.

No meetup available in your city? Why not message us and we can talk about starting one?