Sex 3.0 is a global social movement of people who have evolved their consciousness beyond the archaic 2.0 framework that has been in place for the last 10,000 years.

Sex 3.0 was founded in December 2011 with a very simple mission. Global sexual revolution.

The Sex 3.0 community is a small but growing community of people that see the Sex 2.0 world that we are born into for what it is – a compounded result of 10,000 years of fear based love.

Sex 2.0 is a framework of relating to each other that is fundamentally malevolent and one that is based on fear, control and deception. It is now obsolete and it is time to move onto something better.

Sex 3.0 is its replacement and is based on self-determination, love and honesty.

To be part of the sex 3.0 movement all that is required is that you see sex 2.0 as both low-functioning and obsolete, to reject it and to embrace a way of relating to each other based on honesty, self-determination and love.

Sex 2.0 is a virus.  Sex 3.0 is the cure.