We are dedicated to helping you to clarify and improve your mental map of how sexual relationships work and help you take it forward to the next level.

Whether you are looking for a partner, happily single, coupled up, married – whether you are in a sexual relationship or not – everyone can benefit from you moving your map up to the next level – both you and your current or future partners and we help you do that.

Now the thing is this.  We are all born into a sex 2.0 world and we are, from birth, taught all kinds of faulty concepts, we are fed all kinds of bad information, bad programming, faulty paradigms and unrealistic notions and, as a result, a lot of people are walking around with a really screwed up map of how they think relationships work and it’s not even their fault.  Society leads us down the wrong path time and time again.

As a result of these bad mental maps, people often follow very unhealthy patterns often over and over again in their relationships at an unconscious level just because certain things are endorsed by society or because we are told that this is the way that relationships are supposed to be.

The Challenges

Have you ever loved someone and, even though they loved you just could not make it work?

Have you ever seen your relationship destroyed by jealousy and possessiveness?

Have you ever broken up with someone or had someone break up with you because they needed their own space or their own space or freedom?

Have you ever been in a relationship where it starts out great but pretty soon you find yourselves having big arguments with your partner about seemingly trivial things?

Me too.  I spent the first 10 years of my adult sex life trying to make the sex 2.0 model work and I made the same mistakes that we all make.

I loved and I was loved but still had relationships fail.  I made the mistake of blaming the other party or myself when things did not work out when I should have realised that the framework that society imposes on relationships was the problem.

I made the mistake of getting involved in jealous / possessive situations and infidelity.

I made the mistake of becoming more cynical about relationships and the opposite sex when things did not work out but then I realised that there has got to be a better way.

Finding A Solution

My own personal journey to finding this solution began with me throwing away all of the sex 2.0 programming and starting again from scratch.  Sex 2.0 was not working and it was not just for me.  It’s fairly self-evident just from looking at the world around you that most relationships fail.

I am not talking about just high divorce rates here I am mean if you look at all the couples out there that try to make a go out of a relationship, almost all fail for one reason or another.

Even successful relationships struggle along the path and I realised that a different way of thinking, a different paradigm was required.  Relationships are not supposed to be hard work.

I spent the next 10 years of my adult sex life in what I term unfenced relationships.

Then after living in South America and the Caribbean for 2 years I then spent the following 2 years and 3 months doing a complete circumnavigation of the entire planet writing and researching the book along the way.

I encountered many, many different cultures.  I interviewed people from all walks of life across South America, North America, Australia, South East Asia, the Indian sub continent, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, the Balkans and Baltics as well as Western Europe.

But I was doing more than just interviewing them, I was bouncing my ideas and philosophies off them and I discovered something amazing.

Even though the Sex 3.0 philosophies and ideas are very counter doctrinal – in other words it goes against what society indoctrinates people to believe their entire lives in a Sex 2.0 world – I found that at least half of the people I met agreed when I first started talking about this stuff.

Then as I researched deeper and deeper and I became better and better at expressing my ideas and I crystallised and simplified my philosophies more and more, I found that more and more people resonated with my message and so I decided to write a book.

What I Found

What I have found is this … we have all been brainwashed.  Brainwashed into a way of thinking about relationships that is completely incompatible with human sexual nature.

I also found that un-brainwashing myself from the sex 2.0 mind-set and taking it to the next level – to Sex 3.0 – has been a revelation.

I have great relationships with women effortlessly.  I don’t crash and burn.  Some of my current relationships have been going on for more than a decade.

I discovered the one key concept that unifies and defines all relationships.

I discovered the four cornerstones of all healthy relationships.

I discovered how and why people’s map of how relationships work gets screwed up in the first place.

I discovered the reasons why relationships fail and I managed to remove those reasons from my life.

I discovered why it is that society promotes this unhealthy agenda – the Sex 2.0 agenda – and exactly why it is that the Sex 2.0 environment is so toxic to relationships and I want to share all of these things with you and that I why I have decided to announce that I am now available for personal coaching on a 1 on 1 basis directly with you or with you and your partner if you prefer.

Not only will you learn all of these things but I help you to reverse the brainwashing that leads you down the wrong path.  How to overcome the smothering conditioned submissiveness to the Sex 2.0 world and, eventually,  how to let go of it all together.

I will help you how to be who are naturally are instead of being what everyone else wants you to be.  How to avoid developing compartmentalised identities that lead you to behave a certain way in front of some people but leads you to only relax and really “be yourself” in front of very few trusted friends.

I will teach you how to open up the potential for true and meaningful, long lasting happiness in sexual relationships without judgement, fear, control, guilt or shame.

How to remove all of this completely needless suffering from your life and how to unlock limitless possibilities.

If you are interestd in coaching either in person or via skype, just use the contact form by clicking here and drop me a line.

JJ Roberts
Founder – Sex 3.0