Here are some quotes from some of the reviews of the book from about the kindle and paperback versions of the book.

A cry for honesty in a world of dishonest relationships

The most immediate thought I had whilst I was reading Sex 3.0 was that JJ Roberts had given me the words for all the unvoiced, unresolved feelings I had always had about relationships, ever since I could remember.

To me, deep down, human sexual/love relationships have always seemed based in some kind of “fraud”. But I had never been able to give word or argument to my feelings. I just tended to avoid relationships, by and large. I hated feeling “fake” about what should be one of the most natural things we do as human beings.

This is not to say that my relationships were not enjoyable. I just never understood why they ultimately went “bad”. Now I understand that the 2.0 mindset/foundation is what makes relationships rotten at their core, before they’ve even had a chance to flower.

Thanks to JJ’s clarity, I have made a pledge to myself that I will not enter another relationship without being clear with my partner about my choices and why I make those choices. Then, if they want to be with me, great. If not… well, keep looking, I guess.

Ultimately, it’s the authenticity and pure logic of JJ’s philosophy that has really opened my eyes.

A Simple Complexity
By J.Jones

Just finished the reading of this book and I’m astonished. During the reading I’ve been reviewing all my relationships, and the way I’ve been dealing with them.

The book talks to the reader very directly, in a way sometimes difficult to hear, but always truthful and constructive. Love relationships are not difficult, they are easy. That’s one of the most important discoveries this book has given me.

Roberts answers some questions I have often had on my mind.

Questions about the way humans get involved with each other. I found in this book some very valuable answers. It defines relationships, and, more importantly, at least for me, a history of relationships. Reminds me the way of the way Foucault traces genealogies of things in order to comprehend them. The book provides terminology and concepts that help greatly for an understanding of such a thing as men, women, and their ways to share experiences. It makes simple what I thought was complicated and confused. That’s what I expect to find in a good book, simple presentation of a complex subject.

A philosophical essay of sheer clarity
By Bob Bruhin

A must-read for anybody who has ever looked at relationships and asked, “why?” Roberts draws a simple distinction between “natural” (biology-ruled) desires and “normal” (society-ruled) desires. He argues that the contradictions between these two sources of motivation cause us to see relationships as “hard” when they ought to be easy.

He further posits that understanding these two levels of awareness, accepting what they mean for us, and making informed choices in your own relationships that take these realities into account, can increase our power to successfully find and maintain caring relationships in whatever configurations we choose.

Astonishing in its clarity, brevity and vision
By JPS (Perth, Western Australia)

In an easy to read style, the author takes us on a magic carpet ride through an near-impregnable stream of logical arguments as to why current sexual and relationship practices are fear-based, not love-based (although most live under the delusion that they are making love-based decisions). In fact, for me, reading the book helped me give voice to my long-held but unspoken gut-feeling about the nature of relationships. JJ Roberts has helped me find the words to express these long-held feelings. (A fish has no idea that it is surrounded by water. The change in perspective that Roberts achieves in this book is as dramatic as teaching this apocryphal fish the true nature of it’s relationship with water).

Really gets you re-evaulating your relationships
By Angela Brisbane (Sydney, Australia)

This book got me thinking about the relationships in my life and gave me a very good insight into why my relationships haven’t worked and what I want in a relationship, not what society or other people want me to have in a relationship. I’m going to “re-draw my map”!

Thank you.

A superbly crafted book
By F Watcher

What is extraordinary about this book is it’s clarity and simplicity – not an easy feat given how complex human beings can be, especially in our sexual desires and relationships. Roberts clearly defines the words he uses to ensure we have a common understanding of his message. He presents clearly formulated arguments and examples that demonstrate his points. At the core of his message about sex and relationships: what society defines as normal human behavior does not align with natural human behavior. He offers powerful insight into male and female behaviors and how these are compelled by our genetic imperatives.

His prescription is Sex 3.0. He offers a solution that allows us to return to a more natural way for humans to relate. You may or may not agree, but the book is a fascinating study of human behavior and relationships. He claims that society is at a tipping point. You decide.

If you are in a relationship, married or not, and are wondering what happened to the relationship you thought you would have, read this book. If human behavior and sexuality is a mystery or a fascination for you, then read this book.

Blew my mind!
By NaughyNomad

This book makes you question everything you’ve ever learned about what relationships should be like, and ultimately offers a better alternative where love and nature, not traditional, triumphs.

Sex 3.0 may well change your life.

A must read!

A guidebook to a new paradigm
By Richard B. Westlake

Sex 2.0 is the system that pushes us to find a mate and declare ownership. As Roberts puts it: “Women are raised and taught their entire life that they have to sell their sexuality in exchange for security. Ultimately the security of marriage to a man. Men are taught that, their job when to comes to sexual relationships is to take a woman’s sexuality, throw it in a box, slam the lid shut and stamp and label the box as their property.”

And it’s Society’s pressure, the relationship duress from the enforcement of those norms, that substitutes the chains of custom for the bonds of mutual reward; that enforces the marriage contract, often at great cost, when the mutual rewards of a marriage have been allowed to crumble and dry up. The most corrosive forces, though, are personal, inside of you – the “twin-headed monster,” the forces of possessiveness and jealousy

And from that fact arises the remedy that J J Roberts recommends.

“Sex 3.0′ is such a relationship; a sexual relationship that is based on mutual reward, and a system that removes fear and control from the core of the human sexual design and replaces it with freedom of choice. Sex 3.0 presents you with the choice of “fenced” and “unfenced” sexual relationships, and gives you the clarity on your map to correctly negotiate the territory regardless of which version you choose.

Dude Hits it Right on The Head (nail head that is)
By Jeanne Murray

In JJ’s book & videos he discusses Sex 1.0, 2.0, and finally 3.0. He speaks about the evolution of relationships. I encourage everyone to read his book and watch his videos. Very enlightening. His topic is one I have been researching myself for the past few years. Not on the grand scale that he did, but researching nonetheless.

Excellent read and I highly recommend it. Not only that, I encourage you to pass it on and on and on!