Hey its JJ here and I have an really special announcement to make.

The first event of it’s kind EVER is to be held in beautiful Budapest, Hungary on the bank holiday weekend of 3rd-5th of August and you are all invited – but only if you are a guy!

Yes, sorry ladies this is a guys only weekend but it’s a new concept event that will blow your mind!

So it is new in what way?

Well, I have teamed up with possibly the world’s most adventurous, scandalous and infamous travel and seduction blogger who goes by the online name of Naughty Nomad to create the world’s first total solution training weekendBoth “above the line” and “below the line” training for guys who want to know how to get the girl and how to keep the girl.

Now in this context, “above the line” essentially means “how to get the girl” in the fun, sexy, seduction sense of the word and “below the line” means “how to keep the girl”. In other words how to have and develop the deep level of relationship understanding that makes you the most enlighted man that she knows and an indispensable part of her life.

This combination of skills is absolutely explosive!! And nobody is teaching it all in one package!!

Sure you can go to some pickup artist course or seminar and learn how to be one of those guys that stands around in bars wondering what the “correct line” to use and worrying about what you are going to say next and what she thinks of you.

You know what? Neither of us are interested in that stuff. Naughty Nomad is a true master being totally in the moment, being the most fun guy in any environment and he is going to teach you how you can become part of the crew, get out of your head and truly live in the moment.

So why did I call him adventurous, scandalous and infamous earlier?  Let me tell you just a little about this guy:

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  • Last year he traveled through the whole of West Africa dressed as a Mexican Pirate with a friend, including Cote d’Ivoire during the war, bedding African beauties in every country along the way.
  • The year before, he journeyed through earthquake-shattered Haiti and ended up bedding a Dominican beauty queen – Ms. Dominican Republic no less – in the same week
  • Before that, he lived with a marijuana farmer in Cambodia, who’s daughter became so obsessed with him that she ended up tattooing his name on her ass.
  • He’s also escaped Sudan in a illegal border jump, backpacked into war-ridden Eastern Congo, and recently he just came back from the war in Syria – dressed as a Mexican pirate of course!
  • All in all, he has been to 78 countries, including Antarctica and a few self-proclaimed republics, delighting, enticing and bedding women from some 50 nations in the process.  Everything from a Ukrainian vampire, to a Triad boss’s daughter.

The guy is not only amazing with women but I have been personal  witness and actively taken part in previous sieges of exotic cities with him.  It is an absolute blast and amazing fun to take the party to the locals in a “lock up your women” kind of way.

I put together this event with this guy because in all my traveling experience – and I went to 30 countries in 2011 alone writing and researching the book – I have never met anyone that so effortlessly embodies the qualities that a guy needs to have to get women.  Namely, being truly in the moment and not stuck in your head, being the most fun guy in any environment and being the alpha male that all women truly desire.  And all of that, he is going to teach to you.

So you get the picture – above the line means how to get the girl and be the most fun and most attractive man in her life.  Below the line means how to keep the girl by being the most enlightened man in her life, how to be the guy that has the deep level of relationship understanding that makes you an indispensable part of her life.  All in one package !

So here is how it is going down. You will have access to me for 3 days straight for personal one on one Sex 3.0 coaching during the daytime. Daytime is “below the line” time when you can relax in the Budapest summer, recover from the previous night’s exertions and take your perceptions and understanding of relationships to the next level.

I am essentially going to be reverse-brainwashing you – but in a good way. I’m confident you will experience a major paradigm shift that will significantly impact your life in a profound and positive way. You will not only learn how to leave the Sex 2.0 world that you were born into well behind you but, as a side effect of moving to Sex 3.0, you will learn how to have and manage multiple women in your life at the same time totally effortlessly if that’s what you want.

Night time is “above the line” time when Naughty Nomad steps up, we all take Budapest by storm, go on some legendary adventures and we siege and pillage Budapest!

Now I have to tell you that the price that we are charging for this weekend is normally the price that I charge to take on a client for one on one coaching for one day.

So not only are you getting a 2 for one deal in the sense that you are getting both myself and Naughty Nomad for the same price, you are getting us for 3 whole days and nights!

What’s the catch? Well the catch is that we are limiting it to only 6 places. Yes, to ensure everyone gets the individual coaching attention that they need – both day and night – and to offer true value we are limited it to just 6 places.

Join us for the siege of Budapest. Sign up right NOW and you will receive these special gifts absolutely free.

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  • You will get a free signed copy of both our books – Sex 3.0: A Sexual Revolution Manual, and the impending Naughty Nomad book!
  • You will get a free talk from a surprise guest speaker!
  • After the weekend we will send you a free DVD containing highlights of the entire weekend itself!


Also, as a special sweetener, during this weekend I will also be unveiling for the first time ever, the Sex 3.0 visual solution framework.  I have taken what I teach and I have worked really hard to break it down into a visual solution framework that is teachable, that is trainable.  This stuff is not even in the book and only my one-on-one clients get access to this.

Remember we are offering this weekend as a unique total solution weekend to only 6 guys and once the places are gone, they are gone.

It’s first come first served so sign up now and reserve your place now by leaving a 25% deposit.