Hey guys it’s Naughty Nomad here and I have a killer announcement to make.

The first event of it’s kind EVER is to be held in beautiful Budapest, Hungary on the bank holiday weekend of 3rd-5th of August and you are all invited!

Since the blog started, I’ve been coaching dudes and I regularly get requests from guys asking me to take them in under my wing and learn the way of the pirate – a secret code that has lasted since time began. Argh!

But I come before you offering something better than that – something new, fun, and revolutionary that will knock your sombreros off!

WTF are you talking about Nomad?

Myself and JJ Roberts, author of the seminal book – Sex 3.0: A Sexual Revolution Manual – have teamed up to develop quite possibly the most amazing weekend workshop on the planet.

JJ actually joined me on a siege last year when he was writing and researching his book and I can honestly say that this player has the best game I’ve ever seen in my life! The guy was running game when I was kindergarten and he still had hot teenage girls chasing him down the streets! We both got our flags and had a blast in the process!

He is actually one of the only guys I know that has more flags than myself. Come to think of it, more than any guy I know personally.

His book blew my fucking mind, too – and I’m not just saying that. Check it out yourself. You can download and read the first 15 chapters totally free right now just by leaving your email here .

Simply put, the dude is a legend!

Anyway, myself and JJ have put together the world’s first total solution training weekend. It’s sound gimmicky, but this is seriously good stuff. We’re offering both “above the line” and “below the line” training for guys who want to know both how to get girls and how to keep girls and maintain global harems.

The “above the line” stuff essentially means “how to get the girl” in the fun, sexy, seduction sense of the word and “below the line” means “how to keep the girl”. In other words, how to have and develop the deep level of relationship understanding that makes you the most enlightened man that she knows and an indispensable part of her life.

This combination of skills is absolutely explosive – and nobody is teaching it all in one package!

Sure you can go to some PUA course or seminar and learn how to be one of those guys that stands around in bars wondering what the “correct line” to use and worrying about what you are going to say next and what she thinks of you.

You know what? Neither of us are interested in that stuff.

Here’s how it’s going down.

You will have access to both of me and JJ for 3 days and nights. During the daytime is “below the line” time when you can relax in the beautiful Budapest summer, recover from the previous night’s exertions and take your perceptions and understanding of relationships to the next level.

During that time, JJ is essentially going to be reverse-brainwashing you – but in a good way. I’m confident you will experience a major paradigm shift that will significantly impact your life in a profound and positive way. I know I did when I read his book. You will not only learn how to leave the Sex 2.0 world that you were born into well behind you but, as a side effect of moving to Sex 3.0, you will learn how to have and manage multiple women in your life at the same time totally effortlessly.

Night time is “above the line” time. During the night, you’re going to pirate the fuck up for one my infamous sieges. You’ll join the crew and I’m going to teach you how to be in the moment, how be the most fun guy in any environment, and techniques to approach and take down some sexy wenches. If you follow the way of the pirate, you’ll be pillaging with me in no time!


This is not for the faint hearted!

We will also be recording your approaches and giving you constructive feedback on your interactions. Your success is our success, so we have a vested interest in taking your game to the next level.

To sweeten the deal, the price we’re charging for this weekend is normally the price that JJ charges to take on a client for one-on-one coaching for one day!

So not only are you getting a 2-for-1 deal in the sense that you are getting both JJ and myself for the same price, you are getting us for 3 whole days and nights!

What’s the catch?

Well the catch is that we are limiting it to only 6 places.

Yes, to ensure everyone gets the individual coaching attention that they need – both day and night – and to offer true value we are limiting it to just 6 places.

Join us for the siege of Budapest. Sign up right NOW and you will receive these special bonuses absolutely free.

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  • You will get a free signed copy of both our books – Sex 3.0: A Sexual Revolution Manual, and the impending Naughty Nomad book!
  • You will get a free talk from a suprise guest speaker!
  • After the weekend we will send you a free DVD containing highlights of the entire weekend itself!

It’s gonna be frickin’ crazy!

It’s first come first served so sign up now and reserve your place now by leaving a 25% deposit.