The genetic imperative has always been about the best genetic survival strategy for men and women. The most efficient and effective gateway to genetic immortality via the survival of our immediate descendants and it continued to be so in a Sex 2.0 world.

As women are the ones that get pregnant, their genetically most successful strategy in a Sex 1.0 era was to seek and to be attracted to superior genes and stronger more alpha males for protection.  By doing both she best ensured both her own survival and the survival of the children.

As men don’t go through the 9 month gestation period a woman does, and can produce sperm constantly, their imperative was always to seek various fertile women and have as much sex with them as possible.

The arrival of the Sex 2.0 era somewhat changed the genetic imperative and somewhat didn’t.

In a Sex 1.0 world women, like men, only had one genetic imperative.

Women = Seek high quality alpha male DNA and physical protection and security for both self and child.

Men = Have sex with lots of fertile females

In a Sex 1.0 world, with no concept of property or money, nobody was rich or poor.  There was a social hierarchy but only one of alphas and betas and of youth and beauty.  No financial hierarchy.

Once the concept of property and, later on, the concept of money was introduced it was inevitable that some became richer than others.  Some made better farms or farming tools than others and acquired wealth that way or by providing better goods and services.

Others did not have a “job” and became wealthy simply because they owned the means of production or they gained wealth from being influential in decision making and granting monopolies in other words, they became politicians.

For the first time in human history, we had an economic “elite”.

If you married into such a family then your children would most likely be born into an abundance of financial survival resources.

The move from having just a social class to having both a socio and an economic class in a Sex 2.0 world meant that women, but not men, gained an extra genetic imperative.

Women’s survival strategy altered and now there were now two primary considerations that a woman had to take care of to ensure their best DNA survival strategy.

The female imperative changed from :

1 – Seek high quality alpha male DNA and physical protection and security for both self and child (socio)

And changed to :

1 – Seek high quality alpha male DNA and physical protection and security for both self and child (socio)

2 – Seek partner who can provide financial security for self and children.  Prevent other women from diluting such arrangement (economic).

We moved from a socio world to a socio-economic world.

As women in the Sex 2.0 era – the last 10,000 years – have largely carried the overwhelming burden of childcare and raising children, this second biological imperative is unique to them.

Men’s biological imperative did not change at all and still dictates that men’s genetically most successful strategy is to have sex with lots of young, fertile women.

The creation of the 2nd female imperative introduced hypergamy into the mix which means essentially “marrying up” and seeking a sexual-exclusivity-in-exchange-for-security contract with a man of higher standing than her.

Could simply be a man richer, more powerful and more socially influential than her or, in the Indian sub-continent, marrying into a higher caste.

However, as a woman does not necessarily need to get both genetic imperatives met by the same man, and women often won’t, marrying the beta provider millionaire and banging the alpha yoga instructor or gardener is extremely common.

This change in the female sexual imperatives had a radical effect on what was to become Sex 2.0 marketplace.