In the Sex 1.0 era, human sexuality operated on only one plane (or dimension if you prefer) defined by the word “natural”.

Like all of the other 8.7 million species of creatures occupying this beautiful planet, we lived in harmony with our sexual nature.

Then something happened.

Something changed.

Picture this.  Visualise a single beermat or a drinks coaster on the table in front of you.

If you actually have one, place it to your left hand side.  If you don’t, just imagine it there or just use something else.  A glass, cup, saucer or whatever.

This represents a plane of human sexuality defined by the word “natural”.  In Sex 1.0 this is all we had.  This is all we needed.

Back then we operated, sexually, just like every other species on the planet.  We just followed our sexual nature.

We shook nature by the hand, smiled and we went along with it.  Sure, we competed, we even fought in times of scarcity but we were in tune with nature.

When we moved from Sex 1.0 to Sex 2.0 however a fundamental schism was created.  A split whereby human sexually began to operate on two planes at the same time.

Now picture or place another beermat or drinks coaster, or what you are using, in front of you and to your right hand side.

This represents the newly introduced plane of human sexuality in Sex 2.0 defined by the word “normal”.

The Sex 2.0 Schism

So you so now you have one on your left and one on your right representing the two planes of human sexuality in a Sex 2.0 world. The one on the left is the “natural” sexual plane and the one on the right is the “normal” sexual plane.

The word ‘natural’ simply means “in accordance with nature” or “in agreement with nature”.  It does not mean anything else.  It is defined by nature alone and is and not defined by society.

Whereas the word “normal” is defined by society as, of course, you have the concept of the “societal norm” and it is not defined by nature.

This an important concept and worth repeating.

Natural = defined by nature and not by society

Normal = defined by society and not by nature

Under Sex 2.0, for the first time in human history, it became possible to have something that is completely 100% “normal” and is, at the same time, totally “un-natural” like hmmmmmm, let me think ….. like ….. marriage, for example.

Marriage is totally normal.  It is also completely un-natural as human beings are not, by nature, monogamous whereas marriage requires you to be monogamous.

When there is widespread, worldwide adoption of a practice, it does not make it any more natural at all. It  just makes it more normal.

Marriage is completely 100% normal and you will have likely grown up in a society your entire life where, not only is it normal, but it is expected of you under relationship duress.

The shift from Sex 1.0 to Sex 2.0 did not change the underlying “nature” of human sexuality at all.  We did not suddenly change to become sexually monogamous.  We were just expected to behave as such.

Nor did it change the physical act of sex at all.

It simply changed what society expected and insisted as acceptable sexual long term relationships.

This simple change however created this amazing shift between operating sexually in accordance with our nature, as every other species on the planet still does today, and not only going against our nature, but being obliged to go against our nature under relationship duress.

The split from operating on one sexual plane – natural – to two sexual planes at the same time – natural and normal – is the root cause of pretty much all of the confusion in modern human sexuality.

Once the “normal” sexual plane is introduced, something very interesting happened and something very interesting did not happen.

The interesting thing that happened is that, once the normal sexual plane is thrown out there, relationship duress was introduced to cajole, pressurise and otherwise oblige and force people to choose it.

The interesting thing that did not happen is that human sexual nature did not change.  Not even one tiny little bit.

Contrary to the popular saying, repeating a lie often enough does not make it the truth.


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  • Adolfo

    Yes you are right. And you are making a good point here. But the real nature of being a human is that you are always inventing those kain of shits in order to live better in society. Thats why we have invented all kinds of “normal” shits like agriculture, television, internet, airplanes, schools, treadmils, drugs, and of course marriage. Give any other specie our brain capacity and they will very soin start to invent all kind of unnatural things. And just wait to see what is comming with technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligent and all that shit. More and more unnatural. The only natural is that we as specie will be always find the way to challenge our own nature. I hate marriage by the way

    • JJ Roberts

      Yes but I am not suggesting that normal = bad and natural = good.

      Computers don’t grow on trees but they are clearly good and useful.