Pete was born on the same day as Colin 27 years ago and although they never met, they are two sides of the same coin.


When he was growing up, Pete’s dad was his best friend.  He adored his mum too but she was a woman and he could just relate to dad better about “guy stuff” like sports, picking up girls, classic cars and so on.

Sometimes they would go on fishing trips together.  They never really caught that much and Pete would prefer a steak to fish any day of the week but it didn’t matter.  What mattered was that it father  / son time.

Sometimes they would talk about women and, although his dad was no expert on the subject, he was quite a ladies man in his single days and he would say things like “Son, I may not know everything about what a woman wants in a man but I can tell you one thing.  They don’t want a pussy.  They already got one, why would they need another one?!” then he would slap him on the back and laugh.

Sometimes he would even let him have a sip of his beer even though he would not be able to legally drink for some years.  “Shhhh”, he would say,  “Don’t tell your mom.  Just between us guys. ”


Colin’s father never saw his kid.   He was born as a result of a short term relationship and an accidental pregnancy.

He knew his father was a bastard though.  Not from personal experience, his parents split up when he was still in utero, but because his mother told him so all the time when he was growing up.

His mother did not really date too much when Colin was growing up.  She always told herself that she was too busy raising her son and working.  She would drop him off at grandma’s house on the way to work and when friends tried to set her up on dates she would tell them “Why would I want to look for Mr.Perfect when I have Mr.Perfect at home?”.

Even though he was young, Colin knew she was talking about him.


Pete was fairly athletic growing up and looked after himself physically.  As a result, although he did not look anything like a bodybuilder or action movie star, he carried himself with the confident swagger of someone who always knew how to take care of himself if it came to a scrap.

As a result of this confidence, his childhood was pretty much free of bullying.  Even as an adult nobody ever even tried to mug him.

The other kids in school liked him and, although he was not the most popular or best looking kid in school, he was never short of male buddies to play football with.  He was never really good enough at the sport to be team captain but he liked playing and it was good fun and good exercise.


Colin’s mom smothered him and doted on him as a child and he was always a loving son in return.  He adored his mother and regarded women in general as special.  They were sugar and spice and all things nice.

He was always taught to treat women with more than with respect – with reverence, almost worship – and as he knew that “men were bastards” he always felt a slight unease about doing “manly” things like sports and athletics.  He excelled at some academic subjects though, especially chemistry and physics.

He didn’t like everything about school though.  He never really fitted in with the other kids in school apart from a few of the other chemistry and physics whizz kids.

Sometimes he would get his lunch money stolen by the school bullies.


Although average in looks, Pete did not really have much trouble getting noticed by the girls in his teen years.  Ok, maybe he could not get the hottest girl in school but he had a confidence and masculinity about him that girls seemed to like.

Plus, he had quite a lot of male friends so getting invited to parties was never an issue.  His social calendar was pretty full and he was always meeting people.

He wasn’t always faithful but he knew that girls played the field too and he accepted it and was cool with it.


Although average in looks, Colin could never really get noticed by the girls in his teen years.

He never really got invited to parties so his social circle was pretty small and chances to socialise with girls were pretty rare.

He asked his mom, his grandma and some of the chemistry nerds at school and they all universally agreed that the best advice was to “just be himself”.  Anyway, if he knew one thing, he knew that woman should be treated nicely because they were going to grow up one day to have a kid just like his mom did and that made them special.


Throughout his teen years and college / university years, the pattern with women remained fairly constant with a good level of success and popularity.  As a result Pete never showed neediness with women and always had an attitude which many might describe as a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

In the dating game, he never waited by the phone for her to return his call.  When he texts, he texts and forgets.   If she gets back to him?  Cool.  If not, he barely notices.  His previous success gave him an abundance mentality when it comes to women.

People sometimes mistake his don’t-give-a-fuck attitude for a lack of devotion but actually he had a few long term girlfriends that he loved and was devoted and faithful to.

He treated them well because, although he knew from his parent’s healthy relationship that women did not enjoy being treated poorly, he also knew that women absolutely despise weakness in men.

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