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Although Colin left school a virgin, he had his first physical encounters during his college / university years.

He dated one girl for a few months and did no more than hold hands, make out and touch her breasts. He wanted to take it further but at any sign of her reluctance he would back off. He knew to respect women and he should always follow her lead when it came to where the line was drawn.

He would always wait by the phone for her to return a call. When he would send a text he would always wonder why she did not respond to texts immediately like he did. He would play video games to distract himself but, at the back of his mind, he was always waiting for that text.

They did not have sex in the two months that they dated but he knew that she was not easy or a slut. She was a “good girl” like his mom.

Colin was heartbroken when he found out that she was having sex with a guy that she met at a club. He did not understand how it was even possible and did not believe his friends when they told him that they went home together the night they met.


After Pete’s college / university years Pete got a job as a fitness and nutrition coach. He found that out in the big wide world it was not quite as easy to hook up with women as it was in the cosy world of University campus but he made an effort.

He was not that good looking a guy but he did the best with what nature gave him. He took care of his appearance and dressed well.

His friends told him about the “pickup” community and he looked into it. He read a lot of books on the subject and chatted on message boards. He found it useful in that it pushed him out of his comfort zone now that he did not have the support network of the university campus social circle. He needed to approach women he did not know not just at bars and clubs but also during the daytime in cafes, bookstores or even on the street.

He found it tough going and mildly terrifying at first but it was rewarding in the end in that it helped him get past his self-limiting beliefs when it came to approaching strangers.

Overall though, he found that the “pickup” community over-thought the simple subject of talking to women but at least he got something out of it.


After University, Colin got a job working as a chemist. He did not recover very well from his heart break over his girlfriend. He asked her why she cheated on him and she said that it “just happened” and that she was tired of waiting for him.

This did not help obviously and it left Colin very down and negative on relationships and women. He concentrated on his work. When he was not working he relaxed by playing video games and got into the local live music scene.

As a result of the discomfort of all things typically masculine that he still carried over from his childhood he dressed in a fairly androgynous way when he hit the bars and clubs but most of the clubs and bands that he liked were fairly emo so that was never a problem.

Some friends told him about the “pickup” community and about learning to pick up girls but he never looked into it. He was afraid that if he did then he would not be able to just be himself.

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