As from today, the homepage design of the site will change with the addition of the Sex 3.0 news feed bringing you all the Sex 3.0 news that is fit to print.

At the top of the homepage you will always see the latest featured article / blog post first.  This will be whatever the most recent article / blog post is that is written by either myself – JJ – or a featured Sex 3.0 guest writer.

This will be followed by a news feed showing a constantly updated list of articles published by a hand selected list of fellow bloggers that we like.

The reason for this move is to provide a central place where you can come to see a live feed of great content and give you fresh stuff to read whenever you are in the mood; every day if you like.

It also partly because I am conscious of pattern of visiting a blog in the hope of  seeing a fresh post, followed by the disappointment of seeing that the author has not written a new blog post since the previous visit.

I am not a blogger than can afford to write a new piece every day unfortunately.  Right now I am hard at work building the Sex 3.0 visual framework as well as putting together an Sex 3.0 instructors guide.

The downside is that I can’t blog everyday but the good news is that, once this stuff is done, there will not only be a complete solution framework in place for Sex 3.0 that is easily visually reference-able but the instructors guide will mean that I will be able to train the instructors.

In other words, I will have all the material needed that will allow me to train other people to teach Sex 3.0

This means we can have Sex 3.0 instructors and coaches all over the world to not only go out and spread the Sex 3.0 message but they themselves will be equipped to train other instructors and the message can spread virally from there.

This will obviously remove the bottleneck of me being the only person teaching Sex 3.0

If I train 10 people, they each train 10 people and they, in turn, each train 10 people, that gives us a global army of 1,000 Sex 3.0 instructors.

If each of those instructors teaches just 10 people a week then we can, between us, reach more than 500,000 people per year each of whom, if they are sufficiently inspired, might tell their friends about Sex 3.0

They each tell just 5 friends?  That’s 2.5 million people that can freed.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Sex 2.0 world that we were all born into is a toxic environment for sexual relationships.

It’s time to climb out of this toxic soup and move onto the next level; to move onto Sex 3.0

If you are interested in becoming a Sex 3.0 instructor, if you want to receive Sex 3.0 coaching or if you have a suggestion for a good blogger to feature on the Sex 3.0 news feed then contact me here.