Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 are here.  This is the final part.


Colin’s relationship with Susie became one of domestic normalcy.  He would work hard and bring home the pay check which she absolutely insisted that he hand over to her.

She would use it to take care of the house and their child.  Technically speaking it was her child with another man but the father played no role in the child’s life so Colin became the father figure.  After caring for the household and the child she would treat herself with what was left over.

Colin was puzzled as to why the father played no role but she would always cut off the conversation by telling him that he was a dead-beat dad and that she made sure that the courts gave him no visitation rights.


Pete found he was new life suited him very well.  He played the role of eligible bachelor, lovable rogue and free spirit all rolled into one.  He found his social confidence to be higher than it had ever been; even higher than during his college / university years.  He told himself that he was just a stupid kid back then.

He had a pretty wide social circle now both from his work in fitness and nutrition and from his new found interests in salsa dancing and pilates.  Women seemed to respond so well to his blend of maturity, social dominance and confident charm.

He would always have several girlfriends at any one time but he was honest and ethical about it and never misled anyone.  A few of his girlfriends were not used to the unfenced lifestyle but soon adapted and found it liberating.


One of the things that bugged Colin about Susie is that, no matter what he did to please her, she never seemed happy with anything that he did for more than 5 minutes.  Perhaps it was because they were not married yet.

Susie was certainly starting to drop heavy hints in that direction.  Actually they were more than hints.  She made it clear that marriage is what she was expecting.  They talked about it but whenever Colin was less than enthusiastic about the idea, Susie would sulk and accuse him of not loving her enough.

Colin would apologise, tell her that he loved her.  It annoyed him that it seemed that she always had to have her own way but he told himself that everything would be better after they got married and she got what she wanted.


Pete found that he could not always offer women what they wanted.  Some women wanted to have kids but he didn’t.  Some women, especially early on in the relationship, would tell him that they did not want an unfenced relationship and that they wanted a boyfriend in the conventional sense.

As that was not something that he offered, he would wish them well and offered to help them find one.   He did not say that to be an arsehole but sometimes they took it that way and ask him how can he be such an arse and be o lovable at the same time.  Well, at least he was being honest.

Some women were not so honest.  Once he came into the bathroom and found a girlfriend had fished the used condom out of the waste paper basket and was trying to use it to make herself pregnant.  He immediately broke off that relationship and vowed to be more careful in future.


Marriage did not change anything for Colin and Susie.  If anything it made things worse.  Susie stopped making an effort with her appearance and gained weight.  Their sex life went from sporadic to stagnant and Susie always had constant demands which she expected to immediately satisfied without thank you or reward.

They took taking marriage guidance counselling but Susie just spent the whole time complaining about him and showed no interest at all in things like sharing common burden and duties and so the inevitable divorce papers soon arrived.

Colin did not want to get divorced, he wanted to make a go of the marriage but no-fault divorce law meant that divorce was chosen for him regardless of his opinion on the matter.  Nor did he have much choice when he was kicked out of his own home and the house was awarded to her by a judge along with alimony payments so that she could live the life that she was accustomed to.


Although Pete had a number of very happy long-term, unfenced relationships, he had to accept it when one of his girlfriends fell for other guys, established fenced relationships with them and could not be with him anymore.

Although he was always disappointed when it happened, he was never bitter.  It didn’t happen as often as people might think.  He always wished them well, smiled and told them that, when they were done with that relationship, to let him know and that he would still be here.  Sometimes they would come back to him and sometimes they would not.  He could not be sure.

One thing he could be sure of though is that men are ultimately responsible for the way they are treated by women.  He was not one of those poor saps that constantly complain about their poor treatment at the hands of women.  He knew that the way you are treated depended on what side of the coin you showed them as a man – heads or tails.

So which is it to be dear reader?  You choose – heads or tails?