Now it’s time for the latest instalment in our semi-regular feature – rogue’s gallery – in which we highlight an example of human insanity and pathological behaviour brought on by severe infection of the virus known as Sex 2.0.

This week in the gallery are the Moroccan legal system and the family of a 16 year old girl called Amina Filali who killed herself by drinking rat poison in the town of Larache, Morocco after she was forced to marry her rapist in order to save “family honour”.

At the heart of the story and the ensuing protest by women’s rights groups is a Moroccan law called clause 475 which allows rapists to avoid prosecution as long as they marry their victim.

Amina Filal protest in Morocco

Apparently when the girl’s family reported her rape to the authorities they were advised to let her attacker marry her to preserve her “honour”.  The prosecutor himself told her father “Go and make the marriage contract”.

As a result, she was forced to marry the man that she accused and when she complained to her relatives, she was disowned.

With the drinking of the rat poison you might think at least that was an end to her suffering.  Nope, when her husband / rapist found out what she had done, he became so enraged he dragged her down the street by her hair as she died.

Will there be any criminal charges for this guy?  Nope, by marrying his victim he avoided a possible 20 year prison sentence and now cannot be charged with rape under Moroccan law.

“The article 475 is an embarrassment to Morocco’s international image of modernity and democracy,” said the President of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights.

The root of clause 475 has been described as a mixture of French colonial and Muslim criminal codes but of course the real root of such thinking and legal codes is the notion of women as sexual property in order to determine paternity and lines of heredity.  Such thinking has been in place since the dawn of Sex 2.0 and remains with us this day.

One of the greatest shames in all of this is that, although incidents like this quite rightly put the spotlight on women’s rights in the country as well as its claims to democracy and modernity, there was no debate on the legitimacy of Sex 2.0 itself; this 10,000 year old framework for determining paternity and establishing lines of heredity that has been made obsolete by DNA paternity testing technology.

As long as Sex 2.0 itself remains unexamined and undebated, the insanity and pathological behaviour will remain.