The dual nature of the female genetic imperative does throw up some interesting quirks in the sexual marketplace, one of the them being nightclubs.

Why is that odd?  Everybody likes music right – both men and women? People like to party, drink and dance, right? Not just women.  People need a place to go so for all of those things so what would be quirky about nightclubs and what do they have to do with the female sexual imperatives, specifically hypergamy?

Well first of all, the whole-gorillas-in-suits at the door thing. Why are they so obsessed with shoes, specifically whether the guys are wearing nice expensive looking shoes or scruffy sports shoes?  Do you think these 300lb, 6 foot 4 walking Wreck-It-Ralph clones are really shoe so obsessive in their private lives?


A career on the door of one of the mafia clubs in Grand Theft Auto IV clearly beckons

Do you think they get together in giggly groups when they are not working and go shoe shopping together hand-in-hand and bitch about the latest fashion in footwear?

No, they check for smart shoes because club owners know that women in the club are obsessed with shoes and a smartly and expensively dressed male gives women a hypergamy tingle.

A quote from wikipedia about bouncers :

In US Western towns in the 1870s, high-class brothels known as “good houses” or “parlour houses” hired bouncers for security and to prevent patrons from evading payment. “Good house”-style brothels “…considered themselves the cream of the crop, and [the prostitutes working there] scorned those who worked in (or out of) saloons, dance halls, and theatres.”

The best bordellos looked like respectable mansions, with attractively decorated parlours, a game room and a dance hall. For security, “somewhere in every parlor house there was always a bouncer, a giant of a man who stayed sober to handle any customer who got too rough with one of the girls or didn’t want to pay his bill.”

The “protective presence” of bouncers in high-class brothels was “…one of the reasons the girls considered themselves superior to [lower-class] free-lancers, who lacked any such shepherds.

The Prices
In any normal marketplace, people appreciate value and quality. Now given a marketplace where people are literally selling the exact same thing – that small bottle of Heineken you get from a nightclub is exactly the same as the small bottle of Heineken you get from your friendly local cheap and cheerful bar – quality of product is taken out of the equation.

In such a market, everybody would give their business to cheapest vendor right? After all, if you knew two shops within easy walking distance and every loaf of bread, box of cereal and dozen eggs at one store was two or three times the price at the other store (despite the brand on offer being exactly the same) then the expensive store would go out of business in a fortnight.

This does not happen with nightclubs even though it should. Why? Because women’s hypergamous nature means that they are drawn towards places where a guy does not mind paying 10 bucks for that small bottle of beer and is quite happy to bribe them with $20 cocktails for the opportunity of a conversation.

Women find those guys in the nightclubs with the over priced drinks and not the local cheap and cheerful bar.

Plus nightclubs have the advantage of having music so loud that they can dance with their friends and not really have to talk to guys if they want. They can live for a few hours inside their feel-good / have-fun happy bubble without being disturbed by guys apart from being occasionally bribed with free drinks.

A bit like a plant being watered, expect one wearing stiletto shoes and a short skirt.

Sounds like a bad deal for guys, so why are guys drawn to these nightclubs? For the music? It’s certainly not for the reasonably priced drinks.

No, they go because that’s where they know the women are going to be. It’s a honey trap.

Why else would women get in free and guys have to pay? It’s because the product being sold is not the small bottle of heineken. The product is women.

Swap the words :

Barn = club entrance
Food = alcohol
Facebook = nightclubs

The Queue

Ahh the nightclub queue, who has ever queued for a long time, sometimes hours, in a never moving queue to get into a nightclub only to find out that it was half (or mostly) empty once inside.

Nightclubs have to appear to be inaccessible to “the plebs” or the “common people” even though they are not – they will let anyone in as long as they pass the dress code, are prepared to pay for over-priced drinks and cover charge (although a bribe to the bouncer might be needed if he does not like your face).

Why do they have to appear to be inaccessible?  Because nightclubs need a fabricated air of exclusivity. Why would a fabricated air of exclusivity be important? Hypergamy.

How else can you explain it? If it was a queue to be served next in the bank, it would not take long before you started complaining loudly. If it was a queue at a supermarket checkout, people would be screaming for new checkout lines to be opened.

If it was the operating system of a computer endlessly showing an hourglass or a spinning circle while you are waiting for it to respond you would think it was a piece of crap.

What about an endless traffic jam on the motorway that just would not move. You would not think that “Wow, this is a really cool motorway, I am surprised that the toll booth was only 10 bucks, they could easily charge 50. Turn the radio on, lets get out and dance on the side of the road!”

The sheer amount of wasted human hours spent un-necessarily queuing outside of nightclubs, if globally combined in other human efforts, we would all be whizzing around on hover-boards from Back To The Future 2 by now.

Once Inside
Once inside you get to observing the sexual marketplace operating in full transparency. Pity the poor guys there who are neither alpha nor rich.

You will see them standing around holding their drinks to their chest, nervously tapping their feet out of rhythm to the beat of the music that they are clearly not enjoying whilst trying to pretend to have a good time.

The cubicle drone that actually does earn a decent salary and pays for bottle service does not really get a better deal either.

He blows a weeks wages to listen to music he does not like and watches as the war-painted, dyed blond air-head uses his bottle service as a water trough in exchange for the whole 5 minutes of conversation it takes for her to work out that he is a beta male and he works as tech support in an investment bank (or until she finishes her free drink, whichever comes first).

If he keeps the free drinks coming them maybe … just maybe … he gets to talk to girls who are nodding and staring into the distance for the precise amount of time it takes her to spot a football player.  Not necessarily a good football player or even one who plays for a team that she supports (she does not watch football) just ANY football player, or anyone is a band or … well, whatever.

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