Cult – noun

1. A group of people that follow un-natural practices that are socially enforced.

Hmmmm, lets take a look at that definition of the word cult in the context of Sex 2.0 which is, as regular readers know, is the framework and rules that society gives us from birth when it comes to the way we run our relationships.

Well to break this down first we need …


For about 97% of human existence we were nomadic hunter gathers. I won’t go into this in detail because it’s already covered in the book and in this post here but the key thing to understand is that human beings had no concept of property.

Yes, for 97% of human existence not only did we not own anything, we had no concept of property.

As we were nomadic, we did not live in towns, villages or cities, we were always moving to wherever we could find food, water and shelter. Anything you owned you would have to carry with you which would slow you down and lower your chances of survival and not increase them.

In egalitarian societies, which hunter-gather societies were, basic tools were shared as were child-rearing responsibilities. As we had no concept of property, we had not concept of people as property (slavery) or people as sexual property (marriage). It simply did not serve our survival needs.

This is what I call the 1.0 era. During 1.0, human sexuality operated on one plane (or dimension if you prefer) defined by the word “Natural.


As we just accepted and embraced our nature just like every other species of creature on the planet does, the boundaries of acceptable human sexual behaviour were right here :


Yes, nature is embraced and everything was balanced…. then the shift to 2.0 happened.

The Invention Of Property

The shift happened very slowly starting about 8,000 BC with the advent of the agricultural revolution in what we now call the middle-east. We moved away from the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle and started to farm our own animals and vegetables and as a side-effect of that, started to live a settled existence for the first time in towns, villages and cities.

The First Property

We invented property around this time because property became necessary for our survival with the first property being land, specifically fertile land that was good for farming.

The Second Property

Due to the self-evident nature of child birth, women have always been certain of their maternity of their children regardless of the number of men that they had sex with.

Men, on the other hand, have never had paternity certainty and, during the 1.0 era, it would not have been terribly important with no property to pass down bloodlines and with children being raised collectively by the tribe anyway.

In 2.0 however, when property became a key survival tool for not just yourself but your children and their children and so on, it became terribly important for men to have a new system of control. One which would allow men to claim women as sexual property and calm their fears.

Can you think what this system was called? Yes, marriage.

BTW don’t imagine that I am saying this stuff about men claiming women as sexual property because I am a feminist. I am not a feminist I am a humanist and the move to Sex 2.0 sure did screw up things for both men and women.

The Second Plane of Human Sexuality

So the invention of property when combined with male paternity is what shifted us from 1.0 to 2.0 and this heralded the arrival of the second plane of human sexually which is defined by the word “normal”.


The difference between the two being :

  • What is natural is defined by nature and not by society
  • What is normal is defined by society and is not defined by nature

So basically “natural” is a bunch of biological imperatives given to us by nature and “normal” is a bunch of social imperatives given to us by society.

These two planes of sexuality operate at the same time which means you can now have something in the sexual domain which is normal but not natural with marriage being the most obvious example (there are approx 8.7 million species on the planet that we know about and we are the only ones that get married so we have been outvoted on this point by a very large margin).

When we introduced the second plane however, when it came to the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, things did not stay nice and balanced like this :


If it remained balanced like that, society would offer you the choice of a normal relationship (what I call a fenced relationship – one based on mutual sexual ownership) or a natural relationship (which I call unfenced and does not involve people regarding each other as sexual property).

But, no – instead the boundaries shifted like this :


With only normal being regarded as acceptable and human sexual nature being marginalised. The problem with trying to maintain these boundaries however is that human sexual nature is not going to maintain them so something else had to be artificially invented in order to so.

This thing was called “relationship duress” or RD for short which is just the collective name for all the bullying and co-ercion that soceity engages in to make damn well sure that mutual sexual exclusivity in relationships is the thing that everyone is doing (or at least is seen to be doing, cheating is of course endemic).


So bearing all this in mind, let’s take a look again at the definition of the word cult from the beginning of this article :

cult – noun

1. A group of people that follow un-natural practices that are socially enforced.

Hmm, interesting because “natural” is on the left of those two boxes which means that un-natural is on the right.

As for social enforcement … what is relationships duress? Of course, social enforcement is exactly what relationship duress is.

So there you have it. Not only are we all born into a cult, it is a particularly viscous cult. One that children absorb concepts like “slut” and “whore” from usually by the age of 4 or 5 years old (hey kids are fast learners).

One that bakes fear and control into the heart of the human sexual design and then idly sits by as spousal murder statistics that show sexual jealousy as the number one cause.

One that completely ignores the misery of sexless marriages that plague the world.

When faced with such a dangerous cult like Sex 2.0, the only sane thing to do is unplug yourself from it and upgrade.

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    Being a feminist IS being a humanist. You can’t be a humanist without being a feminist, that would go against the very definitions of both of those terms.