So I did an interview a little while back with Nida Kazmi from the “Exponential You” podcast.

Nida Kazmi

Their tagline is “Not your average men’s show and she is definitely NOT your average woman”.

Totally true. It was a really interesting discussion!

This is the description taken from their website and you can listen to the podcast by following the link at the bottom of this page:

Welcome to episode 11 on season one of The Exponential You!

Join us as I speak with JJ Roberts about the archaic and dysfunctional sex 1.0 and 2.0 models in our society which we go into depth about in the interview.  He is the founder of Sex 3.0 and author of the ground-breaking book Sex 3.0 : A Sexual Revolution manual. He is a Sex 3.0 trainer, coach, writer, speaker and he travels the world spreading the Sex 3.0 message as an experienced public speaker from large conferences in front of hundreds of people to speaking to small crowds at speaker’s corner in London’s Hyde Park.

On his blog, he talks about relationship failure within such an environment is not only at an epidemic scale but due to the beliefs and rules that society hands to us. In other words, when you embark on a Sex 2.0 relationship and follow society’s rules, you are subscribing to a model of systemic failure.

As the problems in the established model are so deeply ingrained, it is not a problem that can be fixed by tweaking the established model, it can only be fixed by a complete replacement framework – a complete upgrade. This upgrade is called Sex 3.0.

What you will learn and what we discussed:

JJ Roberts

  • What is Sex 1.0 and Sex 2.0 and the eras they define?
  • What is the structure of Sex 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
  • Why and when men started to feel the need to control women
  • Why people want to possess others?What is relationship duress?
  • The three parts of the core design of sex 2.0 – Fear, Control, Deception
  • Why our current structures are NOT working!
  • Have we suppressed the feminine?
  • Why is our current attitude on sex conventional and not traditional?
  • How do we upgrade to 3.0?

To listen to the podcast, just follow the link below. Please don’t be shy about tweeting it and sharing it on Facebook.

Podcast is here.