This post is one of a semi-regular series of posts where we take a look at some of the more eye-catching pathological insanity that goes on in the world in the name of Sex 2.0.

Rogue’s gallery posts from the past include Uganda, Pakistan, Morocco and Egypt.

This time up it’s the good old US of A.

When I first started rogue’s gallery, I didn’t imagine I would be posting about modern western countries because we are sooooooooooo far ahead of these backwards countries in Africa, the middle-east and the Indian sub-continent, right?

Well take a look at this video taken by a 19 year old Daniel Pierce in Georgia.

Apparently the family staged a “pray the gay away” intervention but he decided to secretly turn his camera on and record what happened.

0.19 – A family member (presumably his mother) tells him that he loves him. Well, an encouraging start. As love is the deep emotional need for the well-being of another person (and I presume she understands that) I am expecting to see some behaviour in line with that.

0.37 – We clearly establish that homosexuality is not a choice. So far so good.

0.39 – Whoops spoke too soon. His own mother flatly contradicts him two seconds later by saying “and you have made a choice”. Not only did she contradict him she also seems to have contradicted basic common sense. This woman might actually be dumber that the bag of hammers in her garage.

1.04 – His mothers says “I believe in the word of god and god creates nobody that way”. Hmmmm, then where do all the gay people come from? Who creates them? Apple? Do they come in self-assembly kit form from Ikea? Do you order them from

1.37 – “You go by all the scientific stuff you want to. I am going by the word of god.” In other words, I am going to go with the opinions of a bunch of semi-literate sheep herders in the middle-east from more than 2,000 years ago. They know far more than today’s scientists know, right? That’s right. That why they invented the computer, discovered DNA and were first to land on the moon. So much smarter than us those guys were.

2.00 – She basically informs him that she is kicking him out and making him homeless because she is worried by what other people might gossip about. Wait a minute, she said at the beginning of the video that she cared deeply about his well-being (for that is what love is). Now I am confused. Either she lied and does not care for his well-being or she has no fucking clue at all what the word love means! Caring more about the gossip of strangers that about the well-being of your own son? I am guessing she ain’t winning any mother of the year awards any time soon.

2.22 – When he accepts that he will do as she orders she says “If that’s the way that you choose it, that’s fine”. Erm, is she even listening to the words coming out of her mouth?! She just told him she is the one kicking him out and then, literally seconds later, now she is now trying to make out that its his choice. Is this woman batshit insane or does everything have to be somebody else’s fault?!

2.52 – It gets even more bizarre. She says she has a lot of friends that are gay. Apparently that’s ok. It’s not made clear why.

3.10 – Conversation moves onto the father. Mother states that he has “Put a roof over your head and food on the table”. Erm, isn’t that what you are SUPPOSED TO DO when you have a kid. I am pretty sure it’s illegal if you don’t do something as basic as that.

3.45 – Aaaaaaaaand the violent assault begins.  Wow! Really! Less that 3.5 minutes from “I love you” to violent assault (despite no provocation).

Daniel Pierce. His mother loves him … apparently

4.05 – Daniel repeatedly and sadly screams at them “What’s wrong with you?” as a male voice (we assume his father) calls him a “damn queer”. What’s wrong with them Daniel is that they hate their own son. That part about telling you that they loved you. Yeah, that was a lie. They quite clearly hate you and you need to get away as far from them as possible and ensure that they play no further part in your life.

4.40 – “What’s wrong with you?” his family say as they further attempts to blame Daniel for their own problem. A male voice is heard to say “I have done everything in the world for you”. Hmmmm, not true. Pretty sure you have not tried love yet.

4.50 – Video finished with him being called a disgrace.

Hard to know where to begin with the pathological levels of insanity on display by his family here. Everything from flatly contradicting him, contradicting common sense, human nature as well as all logic and reason.

Assaulting someone you claim to love, caring about the gossip of strangers so much that you want to make you own teenage son homeless because of it.

This brings us to one of the many, many horrible flaws with the 2.0 parenting and child raising system. We used to be raised by the tribe during 1.0. When we moved from 1.0 to the circle of empathy (the number of people who you care about and who care about you and who are responsible for raising you) shrunk from the entire tribe (as many as 80 or 100 people) to just two.

Your mom and dad.

What happens when those two people are pathetically insane and abusive? What if those people hate you? These two people clearly have no business being parents.

You know the nuclear family ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And modern western countries? We are not so much more advanced in matters of sex and sexuality compared to Africa, the middle-east and the Indian sub-continent as we like to think that we are.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that.

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