OK so registration to the video course which basically picks up where the book Sex 3.0 left off is closing tomorrow – Sunday.

When you go to the Unfenced Relationships website you can watch four free training videos – one per day for four days.

Obviously there is no time for that now because registration is closing tomorrow so I am going t unlock all 4 videos for you now.

Video 1 – Intro

In this video I will share with you a number of crucial revelations including:
  • Why relationships are so difficult
  • Something that most people never even realise – that the framework that society teaches you is to blame
  • My 4 step process of finding the solution to this problem
  • The 5 step sequence that many relationships unwittingly follow on their way to destruction
  • Why following the conventional path of relationships is like playing in a casino – the odds are rigged against you
  • How you can tilt the tables back so that the odds are in your favour

You can watch that video by clicking here.

Video 2 – Everything that is wrong with relationships and how to fix it

In this video we take a close look and really de-construct the system that we were all born into – Sex 2.0 – break it down and find out exactly why it does not work but also how to fix it
In this video I will share with you a number of things including:
  • The three eras of human sexual psychology
  • The invention of marriage – how, why and when marriage was invented
  • The male and the female side of the Sex 2.0 deal and why you are still expected to follow it today
  • The normal and natural planes of human human sexual psychology and how they are different
  • How and why a schism was introduced into the heart of human sexual psychology
  • The three elements that are at the heart of the design of the modern day framework for relating
  • Why the norms of modern day relationships are undergoing a cascading failure right now
  • Why this is really, really good news for you
  • Why there are really only two types of relationships – and what they are
  • The three elements that are at the heart of the design of the new framework for relating

To see this video click here.

Video 3 – What is the opposite of love? (and no it is not what you are thinking at all)

In this video I will share with you a number of key revelations including:
  • The two big things that unites all human beings on the entire planet regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, nationality and language
  • The great amnesia – how the collective consciousness that we both inherit and pass down is based on a collective forgetting
  • How this great forgetting affected the teachings and thinkings of every single one of the foundational thinkers of written human history
  • How and why we are now uncovering this false narrative
  • The one question that you can ask any person in the world that will leave them completely stumped
  • The paradox that is at the heart of modern love
  • What the opposite of love is (and no it is not what you are thinking at all)
  • The one huge, complete and total contraction that modern day society is suffering from in terms of the way we relate to each other in the sexual realm
To watch this video click here.

Video 4 – How to get access to the holy grail of relationships

In this video I will share with you how to get access to the holy grail of relationships. What I call ULTRAs which stands for Unfenced Long Term Relationships
In this video I show you:
  • Why telling someone that you “Don’t want to date exclusive right now” is not only not ULTRAs, it’s nothing like them at all. Not only are we not on the same page, it ain’t even the same book!!!
  • How ULTRAs provide you with more well-being
  • How ULTRAs provide you with more freedom
  • How ULTRAs save massive amounts of time
  • How ULTRAs save you money
  • How ULTRAs save heartache
  • How ULTRAs increase pleasure
  • How ULTRAs reduce pain
  • How ULTRAs save you from the frustration of the conventional dating market by upgrading to something far, far better
  • Why ULTRAs are more robust than conventional relationships

I also break down the 6 modules and the 6 free bonuses that you are going to receive when you get deep dive training on this stuff.

In other words, if you have liked these videos so far, you are going to LOVE this course because this is deep dive training that will change your life forever.

Guaranteed !!

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