What did you say?

Well I have had a number of people emailing me and asking and telling me that they were particuarly interested in a specific module (or modules) in the course but can’t afford the whole course.

Example? Well there are 6 modules in the course each of which takes a week to take.

Some people have told me that they are particularly interested in exactly how you have that initial conversation with their partners or potential partners and how do you actually go about FINDING people who would be down with having an unfenced relationship.

Well module 4 is 100% dedicated to that one subject.

Some people have told me they want to know how do you completely and totally destroy jealousy and possessiveness in unfenced relationships? How do you do that for good? So that it never impacts your relationships?

This is easily the single biggest thing that stands in people’s way.

Module 6 is dedicated to that subject.

The second thing that people have been asking for is a way to take the whole course but to stagger the payments instead of paying all in one go.

So I decided to do something to give you BOTH of those things.

You can now buy individual modules for one sixth of the price of the whole course.

Only interested in one or two of the modules – BOOM! Now you can buy them.

Want to take the whole course and stagger the payments? BOOM! Now you can. Buy module 1 now for one sixth of the cost of the course and buy the rest of the modules when you want to buy them.

To take a look at the breakdown of what each module covers and to buy your individual modules go the the order page by clicking right here.