Marriage was invented during the neolithic era primarily to deal with this very problem.

(Check out my last post if you don’t know which problem I am referring to here)

As the written word in human history did not begin to appear until approximately 3,200 BC, the first marriages likely pre-date written human records by thousands of years.  As such they would have been essentially verbally bartered agreements whereby a man agreed to provide care, security and access to survival resources to a woman in exchange for exclusive sexual access.

This would allow him to calm his PAC, assure him that his genetic legacy was safe as was the passing down of the survival resources to his own children and not to anyone else’s.

No specific civil ceremonies were likely required and, as the neolithic era pre-dates the main modern religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – by thousands of years there were no religious ceremonies either.

In fact, the origin of marriage has nothing at all to do with religion.  Something which might come as a surprise as, in modern day society, they are thought to be closely connected.

The religions that existed at the time marriage was invented were the pagan religions of the many Greek, Roman or Egyptian gods or were shamanistic religions.  However, the modern religions that came along later would have had to adopt certain pagan or shamanistic traditions in order to get people to convert to them.

Although people started to strike these deals thousands and thousands of years ago, it continues to the present day and forms the heart of the Sex 2.0 deal.

The Sex 2.0 Deal

We all live in a Sex 2.0 society today.

When you are raised in a Sex 2.0 society, men and women are taught that their roles are thus :

Women are raised and taught their entire life that they have to sell their sexuality in exchange for security.  Ultimately the security of marriage to a man.

Men are taught that, their job when to comes to sexual relationships is to take a woman’s sexuality, throw it in a box, slam the lid shut and stamp and label the box as their property.

So :

Men – You have to make a woman’s sexuality your property to deal with paternity concern  (PAC) and best ensure you are raising your own kids and provide both wife and kids with security and in return …

Women – You have to sell you sexuality to a man in exchange for security

The Sex 2.0 deal evolved in human sexuality in response to the invention of property when combined with the existence of paternity concern.

Women who don’t follow the Sex 2.0 deal are widely insulted, derided and made to feel cheap and worthless, not just by men amazingly enough, but by women too and get called sluts and whores.

Men who don’t follow the Sex 2.0 deal, in many cultures, are not considered men.  They are not considered men until they are married.  I remember when I was travelling Vietnam a local man told me that, regardless of how old you are,  you are not considered a real man in Vietnamese culture until married so a married 19 year old is considered a man and an un-married 29 year old is not.

These pressures and enforced obligations placed on us by society are transparent forms of relationship duress.

As a result of striking the Sex 2.0 deal, something very interesting happened.

At this point in human sexual history, a schism was created which, although created thousands and thousands of years ago, persists to the present day.  A schism which is the  predominant cause of almost all confusion and suffering in modern day sexual relationships across the entire world right now and one which I will talk about in an upcoming post.