First of all, I happy to announce the beta launch of the Sex 3.0 message forums here :

I won’t officially launch the forums and link it to the home page of the website until there is a decent amount of content and a decent number of members. So, if you join now, you have a chance to get in at the ground level and play a significant part in shaping the Sex 3.0 online community from the beginning.

You can sign up and get posting here :

Now, one of the questions I was asked on the forums was what is the difference between the content that has been posted on the blog and the book Sex 3.0 : A Sexual Revolution Manual?

Well the short answer is that the content on the blog that has been posted from the very first post on 14th Dec 2011 up until this post on Feb 11 2012 in mostly made up of content from the first 1/3 rd of the book.

For example I posted 5 posts on 14th December and those 5 posts are basically the first two chapters of the book slightly re-purposed in blog form.

The structure of the book is as follows :

SEX 3.0
1 – This Book Is Not A Book
2 – Why Relationships Seem Difficult
3 – Why Relationships Are Easy
4 – Relationships Defined In Just Two Words
5 – A Roadmap For All Relationships
6 – There Are Only Two Kinds Of Sexual Relationships
7 – Sex 1.0
8 – Nature’s Desire
9 – Why Does Sex Exist?
10 – Why Men And Women Don’t Understand Each Other
11 – The Sex 1.0 Marketplace
12 – The Birth Of Sex 2.0
13 – Marriage, The Sex 2.0 Deal
14 – The Root Cause Of Our Problems
15 – The Sex 2.0 Genetic Imperative

===== CUT-OFF POINT =====

16 – The Sex 2.0 Marketplace
17 – Why Marriage Is Not Natural
18 – Relationships Duress
19 – Jealousy And Possessiveness
20 – The Corruption Of Love
21 – Monogamy Is A Sexual Perversion
22 – The Pacman, The Slut And The Whore
23 – How Did We Get Into This Mess?
24 – Revenge Of The Nerds
25 – Why Women Nag Men
26 – Tame The Alpha (The Losing Game)
27 – Screwing Gays And Lesbians The Sex 2.0 Way
28 – Feminism Is Dead And How Feminists Killed It
29 – Men And Women Cheat For Different Reasons
30 – The Breakdown Of The Sex 2.0 Deal
31 – Twelve Angry Monkeys
32 – Groupthink And The Breakdown Of The Sex 2.0 Deal
33 – R.I.P. Sex 2.0
34 – Sex 3.0
35 – Why Jealousy Is Not Natural
36 – Slaying The Twin Headed Monster
37 – The Death Of The Pacman, The Slut And The Whore
38 – The Death Of Relationship Duress
39 – Un-Screwing Gays And Lesbians The Sex 3.0 Way
40 – Belonging In A Sex 3.0 World
41 – Fenced Or Unfenced?
42 – Marriage In The Sex 3.0 Marketplace
43 – The Breeding Ground
44 – Dating In The Sex 3.0 Marketplace
45 – Welcome To The Unfenced World
46 – Paint Your Life
47 – Design & Morality

Now obviously I want to reward people who buy the book and don’t want to annoy anyone by giving the whole book away for free when they have paid for it so the first third of the book is the cut off point. I won’t be making the whole content of the book available for free.

Don’t worry though there is plenty of great content coming up on the blog so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the forum.

Register here :

and I will see you on the forums.