Women don’t understand women at all.  There, I said it.

I am not suggesting that men are complete geniuses when it comes to understanding the female psyche either but “Why neither men nor women understand women” is a bit too long for the title of a post.

So why don’t women understand women?  Two words – stiletto affect.

The stiletto effect is a term that I came up with to explain an interesting phenomenon.  Women’s complete lack of understanding of the root causes of their own sexual behaviour.

There are many, many examples of the stiletto effect but it’s named the stiletto effect for after one of them.

Women don’t understand why women wear high heels.

Try it, ask them.  Go out and ask 100 women at random why women wear high heels and I will be amazed if more than 1 or 2 of them would give you correct answer.

They will tell you because it makes them feel sexy but ask them to explain why it makes them sexier and they have no clue.  If high heels = sexier then men would wear high heels too.

Some women tell you because it’s because it makes them taller but since when does taller = sexier?  If taller = sexier then surely men would wear high heels too and that would make them sexier too.

Point that out to women and they will snigger and tell you that men wearing high heels would be stupid and definitely not sexy.  It’s just for girls.  Why?  They don’t know, they just know that that is the way it is.

The only male heels are cowboy boots which are functional in nature as it helped cowboys use their feet to better grip the stirrups when riding a horse.

Some women will tell you because it makes their legs look longer and slimmer but, nope, that’s not why women wear high heels either.

So why do women wear high heels?  It ain’t because high heels are so comfy.  Never tried them myself but they sure as hell don’t look comfortable.

High heels slope the foot downwards and forwards, pinch the toes by squeezing them  together and bending them upwards causing pain and tension on the balls of the foot and soft tissue strain.  The achilles tendon might get shorter.  Bunions, corns, blisters, osteoporosis and other medical conditions are more likely and may require surgery to correct.  There is more pressure on the lower back which can cause back problems too and they also damage many flooring surface.

That’s a lot of negatives so what is the positive to balance them out?  Why do women wear high heels?

Well, as I explained in this post here, all male and female heterosexual behaviour can be explained by one thing – the sexual imperatives.  Don’t understand something about human sexual behaviour?  Take a look at the root cause of it.  Take a look at the sexual imperatives.

When navigating the terrain of sexual relationships, my book Sex 3.0 will provide you with a better map but you still need a compass.  The sexual imperatives are the compass.

In this particular case, it is the male sexual imperative that is the root cause of why women wear high heels.

To recap, the male sexual imperative is to find signs of female fertility attractive and to have sex with as many fertile women as possible.

There are many signs of fertility in women with youth, beauty and curves in all the right places being the most obvious ones.  This brings us to why women wear high heels.

Small feet on women is a signal of a high level of a estrogen.  A high level of estrogen is a signal of fertility.  Men’s genetic imperative dictates that they find fertility sexually attractive.

Women wear high heels not to look taller, make their legs look longer or thinner or for any other reason.  Women wear high heels because it make their feet look smaller.

A foot “fetish” for men is not any kind of fetish at all.  A fetish is a deviation from nature and there is nothing un-natural at all about men finding signs of fertility in women sexually attractive.  In fact, there is nothing more natural.

If you are a guy reading this and you quite like the idea that you have a weird, kinky foot fetish then I am sorry to disappoint you but it is not any kind of fetish.

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The fact that most women have no clue whatsoever that women wear high heels to make their feet look smaller even though many women own lots of pairs of high heeled shoes  is interesting to say the least.

Having a clear map and an accurate compass is absolutely key in order to successfully navigate the sexual domain.

There are many, many more examples of the stiletto effect covered in my book Sex 3.0 including why women nag men and what men should do about it.

It’s available now in eBook and paperback.