Get a free copy of Sex 3.0 plus free entry to Sex 3.0 Academy (limited time offer)

To celebrate the release of the second edition of my book Sex 3.0, I am giving the book away totally for free for just a few days both in kindle and paperback formats.

Not only has the booked been revised, edited and improved, it also comes with a free account at our online university – Sex 3.0 Academy.

This is a member’s only online university

My motivation for setting up the academy is that, in my book, I totally deconstruct Sex 2.0 sexual relationships and I give the reader all of the elements that you need to reconstruct human sexuality, sexual psychology and sexual relationships in a far superior form – Sex 3.0

However I was a little frustrated that I could not present things as visually as I would have like when it came to reconstructing 3.0

Also I could not show what I call the Sex 3.0 Visual Solution Framework due to the limitations of books and eBooks (some material is colour coded which obviously would not work on a monochrome kindle device).

So, I am really, really happy that I can now do that with Sex 3.0 Academy.

The Sex 3.0 Visual Solution Framework alone is really worth checking out – I usually reserve that exclusively for the customers I coach one-on-one for thousands of dollars and it’s yours for free with every copy of the book!

Here’s a sneak peak at the academy below:

The promo for the free kindle book is on NOW and ends tomorrow night (30th Jan) so be quick. Get your free copy right here, right now:

The promo for the paperback I will keep open until 6th Feb.

For the paperback, use the contact form here to email me and I will send you a discount code that will give you the paperback – normal price $30 – for free!

All I ask you just pay is just printing and shipping. In effect, it’s an 83% discount on the book.

I make zero profit from this so why I am doing it? Well partly as a thank you for being cool and reading my blog but I am going to ask for just one thing in return.

In return for your free copy of the book, all I ask is that you leave a review of the book on when you are done reading it – that’s all.

Just 100 words or more – that’s all I ask.

Hope you enjoy the book and that it serves you as a framework for relationships that truly allows you to live a fully honest and authentic lifestyle – honest and authentic with both yourself, your partners and with nature.


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