This is the first in a semi-regular series of posts that points the spotlight onto the person who right now is busy and dutifully proving not only their own idiocy, their ability to self-rationalise Sex 2.0, their lack of self-awareness but above all, the idiocy of Sex 2.0 itself.

Today’s poster child is comedian Jason Manford. Never heard of him?  Don’t worry, I had never heard of him either but apparently he is quite popular in the UK, has flogged a lot of comedy DVDs and his current tour is set to play to 200,000 people; the guy is a millionaire.

So what is it that makes Jason such a great Sex 2.0 poster child?

Well, let’s see – 31 years old, married father of 3 kids – so far so un-exceptional. As he earns a decent wage I am sure he is a good provider for the wife and kids too. Sounds like a stand-up guy so far (no pun intended) there’s nothing there that makes him a Sex 2.0 poster child, so what does?

Well first of all, he had to quit his lucrative job presenting BBC’s “The One Show” in 2010 due to a sex scandal that involved him sending explicit Twitter messages to a fan.

You know if you are dumb enough to trap yourself in a fenced relationships when you obviously have no desire to be fenced you could at least be smart enough not to broadcast your unfenced desires over a public network where anyone can read all of your messages. Did he think that twitter was some form of un-traceable email?

He was quoted at the time saying he had been “a dickhead” – no argument there Jason – and went on to say “I am a good dad, a good husband. From now I am going to be one forever. That’s it.”

Ahhhhh, back to the Sex 2.0 mantra – the mantra of forever. Back to the script of the male being the provider of never ending security no matter what, the script from which Sex 2.0 must not deviate.

From now on I am going to be good forever

Jesus wept.

Fleeing to the land of self-delusion that tells you that sexual relationships are somehow immune from one of the cardinal rules of relationships – that the word relationship only means “mutual reward” and relationships only exist as long as mutual reward does regardless of what kind of relationship it is.

Fast forward just one year to 2011 and he was caught at it again – this time on Facebook. A woman contacted him saying that her eldest son was a fan and the online exchanges begin again and quickly become sexually explicit with him calling her ‘gorgeous’ and calling her his ‘mistress’ and she in return sending him topless snaps of her in the bath.

“I can’t believe that he would be stupid enough to do it again after everything that happened last time. It just proves that he didn’t learn his lesson.”, she later said.

He even saw fit to joke about it in his act by saying

Nothing is going to embarrass me now. Basically, seven million people caught me wanking. It’s bad enough when your mother catches you.

No, Jason there is nothing wrong with a quick hand shandy, the vast majority of men do that and there is nothing wrong with it at all. The problem is enslaving yourself and your wife into  a fenced agreement that you have no interest in keeping and then reverting to Sex 2.0 scripture when you are caught.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show on Saturday he spoke about being caught out in 2010 by playing up his family image, talking about his “lovely” family before confessed to internet sex sessions with 12 female fans, including porn star Lucinda Turner

If you are thinking “well if it takes a bit of online flirting and jerking off to keep his marriage together so be it – it’s not like he cheated” well consider his comments about his kids in all of this …

I don’t feel any less of a dad but I still feel I’ve let them down. I just hope they never find out.

Hardly the words of a man of a man honest in ways of dalliances of the non-internet kind nor a world class dad.

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