One of the many, many negative side-effects of Sex 2.0 is a rather peculiar form of relationship duress – the cultivation of desperation.


This affects both men and women but particularly women. The reasons why it affects women more are fairly obvious. The way the sexual marketplace operates is, in a large part, dictated by the genetic imperatives of men and women. Due to obvious biological differences, men and women have radically different genetic imperatives for reasons covered in more detail here.

Suffice to say that, for women, youth is the primary element dictating a woman’s sexual market value.

An entire culture of desperation has sprung from this and it is actively cultivated and promoted socially and, in some cultures, even the government joins in.

In China for example, if you are over 27, not married and female you are labelled a “sheng nu” a “leftover woman” by the state.

This message is hammered in constantly by the state run media, family and friends alike. Even China’s feminist websites like “All-China Women’s Federation” (admittedly a government run organisation) used to publish articles about leftover women until too many women complained.

The state-run media in China only started using the term “sheng nu” back in 2007 as a response to the gender imbalance caused by selective abortions as a result of China’s infamous “one-child policy”.

Ok so now we have one problem created by 2.0 – the cultivation of desperation – being used to try and solve yet another problem created by 2.0 – gender imbalance. A true cluster-fuck if ever there was one. Need to put out a fire? Throw some gasoline on there! That will do the trick.

If that was not bizarre enough, you have to question why one would pay taxes to a centralised authority that thinks that part of its job is to make you feel bad but also results in the creation of a society in which parents are actually ashamed of their own children if they are not married; a form of desperation by proxy most infamously demonstrated recently when a Chinese businessman offered a bribe of $65 million dollars to any man who managed to marry his lesbian daughter.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, the invention and cultivation of desperation in the sexual marketplace is not a Chinese problem, it’s a global problem.

How many times have you heard comments about the tick-tock of the biological clock, about women being afraid of being left on the shelf, of becoming the “cat lady”?


A culture of endless advice columns, tips of how to get and keep a man, new sets of “rules” for how to play the dating game which amount to nothing more than how to get what you want. In other words, how to use other people to achieve your own aims which is, of course, the opposite of the meaning of love.

This desperation can take other forms for both men and women like craving the approval of others to validate our own self-worth. This, particularly when it comes to males, can take the form of demanding or obsessing over “respect”.

One of the true problems with desperation is that it takes you far from your true self. It causes you to feel the need for other people to tell you something about yourself. Desperation is believing that how people treat you is a reflection of your own self-worth.

Desperation can only blind self-worth. Constantly asking yourself “Am I good enough?” – how can this be empowering? It cannot be because Sex 2.0 as a framework cannot be empowering. It is a framework that makes slaves of us all. No system of relating to each other based on fear and the cultivation of desperation can be self-empowering. As for love? Forget it.

If desperation blinds self-worth then it also blinds self-love and how can you love another if you don’t love yourself?

Desperation is nothing more than emotional dead weight. Keeping your focus in the place where it is pre-occupied with what it does not want. A waste of emotional energy.

Your self-worth and how you feel about yourself is your own job not by arrogance (because arrogance is self-deception) but by continual self-improvement.

Being 3.0 means mental, emotional and spiritual awareness – next level consciousness.

Step up.

Take responsibility.

Empower yourself.

Sharpen the blade.

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