As I am sure you know, the Ashley Madison site has hit by hackers who they told the company to shut the site down or the data would get leaked.

The hackers took, then subsequently publicly released, data on 33 million user accounts.

$500,000 Canadian dollars has been offered by Ashley Madison as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the hackers.

A reward should be offered to the hackers!

First because even if you relationship came to an end, even if your marriage came to end then it’s a good thing.

Might not feel like it now but let’s break this down.

Got Caught Cheating?

If you were the cheater then you no longer have to live a lie any more.

You also learnt how NOT to have multiple relationships at the same time.

Face it, you went about having multiple relationships is a really unintelligent way.

In this post you are going to find out about how to do it in a really intelligent way. With total honesty. No cheating or lying. No jealousy or possessiveness.

You probably thought that the only way to have multiple partners at the same time is to cheat. It’s not true at all but I used to think the same way too. Don’t feel bad, about that, it’s just societal programming.

We all get it given the same programming.

Got Cheated On?

If you were married for 5 years and were cheated on and you are cursing how you wasted 5 years of your life with a person that lied to you (plus the months and years of dating leading up to the marriage).

Well guess what? Think of all the decades of time you won’t be wasting on that person in the future.


Scared about being cheated on in the future again?

Well, the only way to 100% guarantee you won’t get cheated on in a relationship is not to have a fenced relationship.

You are going to find out about it here too. Just watch the supporting videos at the end of this post.

As For Ashley?

As for Ashley Madison, we all learnt something about them didn’t we?

That they were con artists selling a fantasy for men.

The site was never about helping married people find each other on-line so they can have an affair. There basically were no women on the site at all.

One of the things the leak revealed was of the 33 MILLION accounts on the site, practically all of them were men. And most of the female profiles were fake profiles created by the company.

An analysis of the database showed that the number of women who actually checked their inbox on the site was 1,492

Yes less than 1,500 people out of a customer database of 33,000,0000 were women who were active users.


I am reminded of a great piece of dialogue from my favourite TV show – Game of Thrones.

The owner of a local brothel is confronted on his return to King’s Landing by a religious fanatic, Brother Lancel Lannister who informs him that times have changed in the town since his absence and that smut peddlers are no longer welcome.

The brothel owners smiles and says “We both peddle fantasies. Mine just happen to be entertaining.”

Porn is peddled to men and so are sites like Ashley Madison.

Both fantasies and only one of them is entertaining.

Yes one thing that wasn’t entertaining was the user experience of the average male who signed up for Ashley Madison.

Millions of them endlessly sending messages to fake accounts. Messages that will never be read.

Women Don’t Like To Have Affairs?!

Does the low number of women mean that women don’t like and don’t have affairs? Of course it does not.

The statistics on sexually dead marriages and divorce suggest otherwise

10544929_532601713532724_1279171861_n (1)

Click here for a larger version of this chart

As I explained in this post, the sexual imperatives of women dictates that they need two things.

  1. Men who are dominant in bed (something they don’t get with their compliant beta male provider husbands) and …
  2. Security in a relationship. Something they can’t have if they sign up for a public website like Ashley Madison.

There is a way to have both without following the “cad + dad strategy” which many women do – marry the nice beta male provider for the security and have sex with bad boy alpha males on the side.

It’s called having unfenced relationships.

Guys if you want multiple relationships without all the cheating, lying, jealousy and possessiveness – same solution for you too – unfenced relationships.

To find out what they are and how to do them, take a look at the introductory videos here.