OK so as part of the re-launch of the new version of the Sex 3.0 website, one of the features that I have been asked to provide are short “explainer” videos where I explain the basics of Sex 3.0 and what it is about.

I was thinking of hiring a professional video animator and providing 3 or 4 videos of different length to explain Sex 3.0, perhaps

  • 1 minute version
  • 5 minute version
  • 10 minute version
  • 30 minute version

Presented perhaps in tab form like this.

1 Minute Video Goes Here

5 Minute Video Goes Here

10 Minute Video Goes Here

30 Minute Video Goes Here

To that end, I thought I would share the script for the 1 minute explanation here. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

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There are very few things that unite all human beings on the planet regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, language and culture but two of the big ones are…

  1. Consciousness – we are all conscious human beings
  2. Sexuality – we are all sexual human beings

But you can have a level of consciousness ABOUT sexuality.


The level of consciousness that society gives us by default, which I call Sex 2.0 is a very, VERY low level of consciousness and it’s responsible for countless problems including why relationships often don’t work out.


We teach how and why we got into this big mess and how to upgrade to 3.0 which is a very high level of consciousness.


This solves many, many problems including getting access to relationships that really work.

Do you think I should be more specific about what I mean when I say it creates “countless problems”?

Should I list some of them (like jealousy and possessiveness, infidelity, a sex culture based on fear and not love)?

Should I mention more benefits other than getting access to a framework of relating that is actually high functioning and that works really well?

Let me know.