The recent savage rape, kidnapping and murder of a 23 year old Indian woman walking home with her boyfriend after a simple night out at the cinema in Delhi has shocked and enraged an entire country.

The incident has triggered a national crisis. There is a huge amount of soul searching along with a feeling of “where do we go from here?”

There have been many predictable calls for the death penalty for the rapists but this is not going to make the streets of India safe as many might hope.


To get to the solution, one must understand why it is that India treats its women so badly.

Sadly this soul searching is unlikely end the tyranny of sex in India because India has been caught up in a vicious circle based on Sex 2.0 values. One that is deeply rooted in what some people laughing label “culture” but is reality is simply a national psyche of fear.

But fear of what?  To find the answer, lets take a look at this vicious cycle. For the purposes of this article, I will call this vicious circle the Delhi cycle all though it is not specific to Delhi or even to India.

The Delhi Cycle
It begins at the birth of Sex 2.0 thousands of years ago with the invention of property thousands of years ago. Property quickly becomes a key survival tool for not just the family but for the children of the family and their children and so on …

When combined with paternity anxiety (namely the fear that men have that they may be cuckolded into raising somebody else’s child and passing their own property down somebody else’s bloodline) a system of control is devised which allows men to claim women as sexual property and to calm such fears.

This system is called marriage.

To enforce the system of marriage the entire society is reshaped. It is now based around women’s sexuality being treated as the property of her family and something to be bartered for in arranged marriages.

To prevent women from expressing their natural sexual desires and urges, all of society, both men and women, are taught to harass, pressurise, scold, judge and despise all women that don’t appear to be following the rules.

And so the cycle goes …

1. Woman are now judged, hated, spat on for even showing a hint of healthy sexual appearance or desire even by their own family.

2. Women become fearful of such overwhelming societal hatred and become scared of being sexual and so hide their sexuality from society and as a predictable result

3. Men start to become sexually starved

4. Men start to become sexually desperate and beta and resort to pathetically desperate and beta male behaviour like :

Eve Teasing
In India, “Eve teasing” is used as a euphemism for what it really is – public sexual harassment of women by men.  It starts with verbal harassment and goes up to and including groping and molestation and in extreme cases, rape.

The word Eve is used in this case by the locals as a reference to Adam and Eve with Eve being the first temptress.

The implication is clear in the language. The woman is thought to be responsible for the attention that she attracts; a clear case of the victim being blamed by the perpetrator.

Astonishing as it may seem, as many women took to the streets to protest this week there are plenty of reports of men using the opportunity to grope women.

Only men who are pathetically sexually desperate beta males behave like this but at this stage of the cycle, this is normal in India.

What is the result of this?

5. The streets become more dangerous for women

6. Rape become commonplace but cases are rarely acted upon.  Many cases do not get to court because there is a stigma attached to rape.  Families often discourage their own daughters from pressing charges. Remember in India her sexuality is still the property of her family and something to be bartered for in arranged marriage.

7. Result? Parents become paranoid and lock up their daughters even more in the house and do not allow them out.

8. Effect? Sexual starvation becomes worse, men get more desperate and streets are even less safe for the even fewer women brave enough to walk them

And now we see India where it is – trapped in a self-enforcing negative feedback loop like a guitar feeding back through an amp at ear bleeding volume. This particular burst of feedback was so screeching, so loud and so painful that it has the whole country wailing in pain “MAKE IT STOP!!” … but where is the volume control?

Also caught in this negative feedback loop are which thousands of girls who are aborted because of a traditional preference for sons (medical staff are bribed into revealing the sex of the children) and baby girls who are murdered after birth resulting in a skewed ratio of women to men therefore making the problem even worse.


Is this a women’s rights issue as many paint it?

To look at it that way is to not look deeply enough at the basic right that is at stake here. That right is liberty.

The liberty for women to come and go as they please unmolested regardless of how they dress and the liberty for both men and women to relate to each other sexually in a natural environment.

You cannot have liberty if the national psyche traps both sexes in a forced transactional environment in which sexuality is the property of the family and is something to be bartered for and all other sex is forbidden.

There is a word for the current system in India, it is called slavery. The right that is at stake is the only true right – liberty.


Anybody who understands Sex 2.0 knows that Sex 2.0 is fundamentally based on fear and control and India is classic Sex 2.0 simply taken to a logical extreme. It’s only when you take something to a logical extreme that you clearly see how pathologically insane it is.

Despite all the soul searching going on, no politician would dare address these deep issues of national psyche because to do so India would have to confront its fear and take a long hard stare at the ugly national psyche in the mirror.  Perhaps this incident has so shocked and outraged them that it’s prepared to do so.

The solution is obvious, the solution is Sex 3.0. Nothing like this could ever occur in a Sex 3.0 society but as big an optimist as I am, I am just not sure India is ready for it yet.

We will see. Until then, it’s not just the 5 accused that are on trial … it is the country of India.

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  • Tantrikaa

    I agree with most of this. Is the writer Indian by any chance?

    Also, what would be the solutions?

    I mean, practical, step by steps solutions that could be applied today in India?

    • No Tantrikaa, the writer is English (I wrote it).

      The solution is what I said in the article, it is Sex 3.0

      Practical step by step solution?

      1) Get somebody to translate the book Sex 3.0
      2) Recruit local people – both men and women – to establish a Sex 3.0 movement in India