JJ Roberts

J J Roberts is the founder of Sex 3.0 and author of the ground-breaking book Sex 3.0 : A Sexual Revolution manual.

He is a Sex 3.0 trainer, coach, writer and speaker who travels the world spreading the Sex 3.0 message. He also trains people on how to became a Sex 3.0 coach.

Example blog post here : Understanding the friend zone and why men don’t have one

Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis is a criminal defense attorney living in Southern California. She has dedicated her career to public interest work, providing legal support to indigents, mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals. Barbara worked at a union supporting workers’ rights in Washington D.C., an immigration firm supporting undocumented workers in Virginia, and is currently a Public Defender in Ventura, CA. She has maintained an avid intellectual interest in women’s rights. Barbara has degrees in English Literature, Religious Studies, and the law.

Example blog post here : Path To Freedom

Ella Jameson

Ella Jameson is a writer, blogger and contributor to many different websites, blogs and magazines. After graduating from university with a degree in English Literature, Ella worked as an editor and copywriter for several years before becoming a freelance journalist.

Example blog post here : Sexual Fantasies: Men vs Women

Ryan Orrock

Ryan is a transformational force in the fields of sexuality, relating, and consciousness.

He is the author of two books including “The Total Man and Complete Woman: A Comprehensive System for Living Healthy Sexual Roles”.  Ryan is a member of the Sex 3.0 community in Berkeley, CA, USA

Example blog post here : An invitation for 2013

Jay Vincent

Jay and his wife (parents of five children together) are the authors of Gourmet – Love Without Labels and they have just released another book  – The Mantra Of Love

Example blog post here : Love Math

Michelle Terrell

Michelle is a holistic sexuality therapist and male empowerment coach who has 15 years mentoring experience with both individuals and couples.

She is a member of the Sex 3.0 community in Arizona.

Example blog post here :  Why I Will Never Emasculate A Man Again

Diane Parker

Diane Parker is a coach and trainee therapist specialising in creativity, sexuality and relationships, and a member of the Sex 3.0 community in London, UK.

Example blog post here : Happily Ever After and Other Marriage Myths

Paul Gabriel Mihalescu

Paul is author of Leader’s Aesthetics and is the Co-Founder of Wolf-Pack Fitness Systems.  He is a member of the Sex 3.0 community in  Montreal, Canada where he works as a fitness coach and writer.

Example blog post here : Sex & Fitness